Buying Library Materials on the Out-of-Print Book Market

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The out-of-print market offers advantages to libraries that are willing to tap into this source of millions of books. This webinar explains how the distinctions between the print and out-of-print marketplace are blurring. The presentation shows how the out-of-print market offers potential cost savings and allows libraries to build retrospective collections, and replace missing items. In some cases, purchasing the out-of-print book may be a cost-effective substitute for interlibrary loan.

A second session on Maximizing Revenue from Selling Withdrawn Books and Unwanted Gifts is also available.

Who Should Attend

Anyone with an interest in the topic is welcome to participate.

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Robert Holley, Professor at the School of Library and Information Science at Wayne State University, has been involved in the out-of-print book market for the last five years since he co-authored the first statistical study on pricing and availability of out-of-print materials on the Internet. He has run or helped with book sales for four different library organizations.  He is also a small Internet book vendor and can share his insights on selling materials.


Available 24/7 Originally presented October 6, 2010.





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