Cataloging Three-Dimensional Objects and Kits with RDA

This presentation will cover highlights of RDA instructions related to cataloging kits and three-dimensional forms (objects), such as models, toys, artifacts, and naturally occurring objects, in an educational setting.

Who Should Attend

Those who want to learn more about cataloging kits and three-dimensional objects with RDA. Attendees should already be familiar with the basic concepts and application of RDA.


Kelley McGrath is Metadata Management Librarian at the University of Oregon. She is an experienced media cataloger and has worked with videos, ebooks, CD-ROMs, computer games, pictures and posters, kits, games, and a variety of three-dimensional objects. She has been active in Online Audiovisual Catalogers (OLAC) for many years including several years as chair of OLAC’s Cataloging Policy Committee. She coordinated the joint OLAC/Music Library Association group that participated in the U.S. National Libraries RDA test and is currently OLAC’s liaison to CC:DA.


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