Syllabus: Fundamentals of Acquisitions

This is a self-paced course. The course calendar has suggested dates for each section to allow for easy progress through the course in the allotted 6-week time frame.   All exercises and tests are required to receive certificate of completion.


1. Goals and Professional Resources

    Exercise 1: What is Acquisitions and Basic Terms quiz
    Exercise 2: Prioritizing Acquisition Goals
    Exercise 3: Standards Collaborative Student Wiki
    Exercise 4: ILS Quiz
    Section 1 Self Test

2. Basic Methods, Functions, and Workflows

    Exercise 1: Definitions Review Quiz
    Exercise 2: Order Request Forms
    Exercise 3: Workflow
    Section 2 Cumulative Self Test

3. Vendors

    Exercise 1: Types of Vendors and Services Quiz
    Exercise 2: Vendor Assignment Quiz
    Exercise 3:Vendor Performance Evaluation and Financial Viability Qui
    Exercise 4: Ethics Case Studies
    Section 3 Cumulative Self Test

4. Budget, Finance, and Accounting

    Exercise 1: Budget Quiz
    Exercise 2: External Financial Officers and GAAP Quiz
    Section 4 Cumulative Self Test
    Final Project Group Assignment - Begin Work on Your Project

5. Special Formats

    Exercise 1: Special Formats Quiz
    Exercise 2: Electronic Resources Quiz
    Exercise 3: Music Quiz
    Exercise 4: Video Quiz
    Exercise 5: Identifying Special Formats Vendors
    Section 5 Cumulative Self Test

6. Conclusion, Comprehensive Assignment, and Final Exam

     Final Project: Create an Acquisitions Manual
    Final Exam