Fundamentals of Acquisitions, International

Special International Session, April 14–May 23

This special international session is intended for people located outside of the United States and North America. The instructor, Kate Kasimor, is based out of the United Arab Emirates, and will be able to bring an international viewpoint to the course. The weekly, moderated chat sessions will take place at a more convenient time for our international participants and provide a better opportunity to fully engage in the course.

Topics that may be covered from an international perspective include ethics differences, dealing with vendors located outside of our countries, communication across time zones, shipping across borders, currency exchanges, and different laws.

Registration Fee:  Special Rate $79 US dollars

Students located within North America are encouraged to attend one of the regular FOA sessions that are instructed by U.S.-based faculty. Please contact Julie Reese, in the ALCTS Office at if you have any questions or concerns.

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