Syllabus: Fundamentals of Collection Development and Management


The goal of this course is to introduce the functional areas in collection development and management. This workshop is intended for those who are new to the responsibilities of collection development and management. It begins with an introduction to collection development and management as a specialty in librarianship.

Functional areas addressed are:

  • Policy, Planning, and Fiscal Management
  • Collection Development
  • Collection Management
  • Collection Analysis
  • Outreach, Liaison Activities, and Marketing
  • Trends and the Future of Collection Development and Management.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the range of CDM responsibilities and the required skills and competencies
  • List the elements in a collection development policy
  • Write a collection development policy
  • Explain the importance of collection analysis
  • Perform one or more types of analysis
  • Explain outreach and liaison responsibilities and be able to develop a plan to increase your activities in these areas


The course consists of seven modules. You will be guided through various learning activities, including content presented online (within the course software), suggested supplemental readings (reading lists and links to online resources), offline work on problems and case studies, online chat with other course participants and the instructor/s, and quizzes.


  1. What is Collection Development and Management?
  2. Policy, Planning, and Fiscal management
  3. Collection Development
  4. Collection Management
  5. Collection Analysis
  6. Outreach, Liaison Activities, and Marketing
  7. Trends and the Future of Collection Development and Management