Preservation Week Speaker Locator

The Preservation Week Speaker Locator is a tool that helps match one of the many preservation or conservation professionals who work in our local libraries, archives, or museums with any community that values saving its family or shared collections.

Speakers are available to present on the general preservation of collections or specific topics such as papers, photographs, stuffed animals, records, and much more.

Find a Speaker

See the map on the Speaker Locator page and look in your geographic area or scroll through the list on the right. You'll learn:

  • who is available, what they can speak on, how long their program is, and what fees they may charge
  • many speakers do not charge or charge less for travel in their geographic area

Then contact the speaker directly to make arrangements for an intriguing presentation on preservation.

Become a Speaker

Preservation Week maintains a Speakers Bureau in the Speaker Locator tool. If you will be available to make presentations on the preservation of a variety of collections to community and school groups. Your contact information will be made available for interested parties to contact you directly. If you are interested in being a member of the Speakers Bureau, you may register online.

Note: if you've already registered for the Speakers Bureau and need to update your information, please use the online form to register again.