Preservation Week Tools

Preservation for Children

Encouraging Preservation Awareness in Children

Archival Products News

This short article by Andrea Rolich suggests that proper book handling is best taught through modeled behavior.

No, No, Never

Memorial School Media Center, Emerson School District, via Internet Archives Wayback Machine

This short presentation introduces important rules for caring for library books.

Importance of Early Preservation Education

California Preservation Program

This article suggests that as children learn respect for other’s property in their homes and schools, this can carry over to their use of library materials. Includes a useful chart of Basic Do’s, Don’ts, and Why’s.

Teaching Conservation

Michigan Alliance for the Conservation of Cultural Heritage

Includes links to lesson plans for teaching about conservation and preservation of a variety of collections, as well as other resources related to collection care.

For more resources see Appendix 2: Resources for Children, Teachers, and Parents: An Updated Annotated Bibliography, from the Companion Website to Promoting Preservation Awareness: A Sourcebook for Academic, Public, School, and Special Collections by Jeanne M. Drewes and Julie A. Page.