Presidential Citations

These very special awards honor ALCTS members who make significant contributions to the association and to the profession but whose accomplishments do not fall within the criteria for ALCTS' other awards. They are awarded by the current ALCTS President.

The Presidential Citation is intended to recognize distinguished achievement by a member or members.

Citation Recipients

Recipients of the ALCTS Presidential Citation
Year Recipient(s)
2013 Donia Conn
Debra Spidal
2012 Deborah Ryszka
Louise Ratliff
2011 Mary Beth Weber
Kristin Martin
2010 Dina Giambi
Pamela Bluh
Jeanne Drewes
Kate Harcourt
Keisha Manning
Karen Motylewski
2009 Magda El-Sherbini
Andy Hart
Dale Swensen
2008 Janet Belanger Morrow
David Miller
Cathy Martyniak
Betsy Simpson
2007 Special 50th Anniversary Citations
Beacher Wiggins
Glen Patton
Peggy Johnson
2007 Edward Swanson
Beth Picknally Camden
Jennifer Bowen
2006 Karen Calhoun, LC Action Plan leadership
Marty Kurth, Continuing Education
Helen Reed, ALCTS strategic planning
Jeanne Drewes, publications
2005 Dina Giambi, leadership development
Miriam Palm, ANO editor
Lori Robare, continuing education
Charles Wilt, distinguished service
ALA Production Services, spectacular support
2004 Matthew Beacom, JSC AACR
Pamela Bluh and Cindy Hepfer, continuing education
Genevieve S. Owens, publishing efforts
Cathy De Rosa, Lorcan Dempsey and Alane Wilson, Pattern Recognition
2003 John Attig, AACR2 Rule Revision
Laura and William Sill, Strategic and Tactical Plan database
Ann Swartzell, organization & bylaws efforts
2002 Sally Tseng and Mary Larsgaard, continuing education
Carol Pitts Diedrichs and Trisha Davis, Web course for continuing education