Margaret Mann Citation

Deadline for nominations is December 1.


The Margaret Mann Citation is awarded by the ALCTS Cataloging and Metadata Management Section for outstanding professional achievement in cataloging or classification either through publication of significant professional literature, participation in professional cataloging associations, or valuable contributions to practice in individual libraries.


The Margaret Mann Citation Committee bases its selection on nominations made by members of the profession or friends of the profession—anyone with a worthy candidate is urged to nominate that person.

Achievements to be considered include:

  • Notable publications, such as an article, pamphlet, or book;
  • Outstanding contribution to the activities of professional cataloging associations;
  • Outstanding contribution to the technical improvement of cataloging and classification and/or the introduction of a new technique of recognized importance;
  • Outstanding contribution in the area of teaching cataloging and classification.

Except in unusual circumstances, the achievement shall have culminated within the last five years.

Nationality and professional association membership are not among the criteria. Current employees of OCLC are not eligible for the award.


The nomination shall include the formal statement of nomination with some rationale and a resume or narrative summary of the nominee's career and achievements. Nominations of those nominated in a given year but who are not selected for the citation that year will be forwarded to the following year's committee for automatic reconsideration. Further consideration beyond this requires renomination.

Endorsements or "seconds" are welcomed inasmuch as they provide substantive information on the achievements of the candidate, but the number of additional letters is not the sole determining factor in the selection.


The winner receives a citation and OCLC donates a $2,000 scholarship to the U.S. or Canadian library school of the winner's choice.


The award is presented during the American Library Association Annual Conference each year at the ALCTS Awards Ceremony and Membership Meeting.

Award Jury

For nomination information contact Wendy West, chair of the Margaret Mann Citation Jury.

Award Recipients

Year Recipient(s) Year Recipient(s) Year Recipient(s)
2018 Bruce Chr. Johnson 1991 Margaret F. Maxwell 1964 Catherine MacQuarrie
2017 Hope A. Olson 1990 Ronald Hagler 1963 Arthur Hugh Chaplin
2016 Paige Andrew 1989 Lois Mai Chan 1962 Willis E. Wright
2015 Magda El-Sherbini 1988 Ben R. Tucker 1961 John William Cronin
2014 Sara Shatford Layne 1987 Dorothy Glasby 1960 M. Ruth MacDonald
2013 Judith A. Kuhagen 1986 Jean Weihs 1959 Andrew D. Osborn
2012 Jane Greenberg 1985 Lucia Rather 1958 Esther J. Piercy
2011 Edward Swanson 1984 Dorothy Anderson 1957 Daniel Judson Haykin
2010 Olivia M. A. Madison 1983 Frances Hinton 1956 Susan Grey Akers
2009 Francis L. Miksa 1982 Elizabeth Baughman 1955 Seymour Lubetzky
2008 Martha Yee 1981 Sanford Berman 1954 Pauline A. Seely
2007 Robert Wolven 1980 Peter Lewis 1953 Maurice F. Tauber
2006 Judith Hopkins 1979 Michael Gorman and Paul Winkler 1952 Marie Louise Prevost
2005 Dorothy McGarry 1978 Derek William Austin 1951 Lucile M. Morsch
2004 Barbara Tillett 1977 Phyllis Allen Richmond    
2003 Thomas J. Delsey 1976 Eva Verona    
2002 Jean Hirons 1975 Margaret Webster Ayrault    
2001 Brian E. C. Schottlaender 1974 Frederick Kilgour    
2000 Patricia M. Thomas 1973 Doralyn J. Hickey    
1999 Nancy B. Olson 1972 Edmund L. Applebaum    
1998 John D. Byrum 1971 Henriette D. Avram    
1997 Sheila S. Intner 1970 S. R. Ranganathan    
1996 Arlene G. Taylor 1969 Katharine L. Ball    
1995 Arnold Wajenberg 1968 Paul S. Dunkin    
1994 Carol Ann Mandel 1967 C. Sumner Spalding    
1993 Janet Swan Hill 1966 F. Bernice Field    
1992 Elaine Svenonius 1965 Laura Catherine Colvin