The HARRASSOWITZ Award for Leadership in Library Acquisitions

Deadline for nominations is December 1.


This award, donated by HARRASSOWITZ Company and named in honor of Dr. Knut Dorn, is given to recognize the contributions by and outstanding leadership of an individual to the field of acquisitions librarianship.


  • Nominees must have demonstrated leadership related to acquisitions librarianship, which has contributed significantly to improvements in the field.
  • Nominees must have demonstrated achievement in the field of acquisitions as evidenced by one or more of the following:
    • contributions to professional associations;
    • contributions to the literature including research;
    • contributions to the education of acquisitions professionals; and
    • contributions to the advancement of the profession.
  • Two letters of reference.
  • Employees of the Harrassowitz Company are not eligible to receive the award.


Nominations shall include:

  • Relevant biographical information, e.g., name, address, positions(s) held, place of employment, phone numbers, educational background;
  • Statement of work and/or professional experience, professional activities, honors, and any other factors relevant to the nominee; and
  • Two letters of reference, sent directly to the chair from the author, not via the nominee. The award may be divided among two or more individuals who have participated jointly in the achievement for which it is granted.


This award of $1,500 and a citation recognizes the individual achievement of a high order in the field of acquisitions librarianship.


The award is presented at the ALCTS Awards Ceremony each year at the ALA Annual Conference.

Award Jury

For nomination information, contact Erika Johnson, chair of the The HARRASSOWITZ Award for Leadership in Library Acquisitions.

Award Recipients

Year Recipient Year Recipient Year Recipient
2019 Siôn Romaine  2010 no award given 2002 Rosann Bazirjian
2018 Lauren Corbett 2009 Trisha Davis 2001 Karen Schmidt
2017 Kristen Wilson 2008 Karen Darling 2000 Frances C. Wilkinson
2016 Jim Mouw 2007 Nancy Gibbs 1999 Carol Pitts Diedrichs
2015 Michael Levine-Clark 2006 Stephen Bosch 1998 Christian M. Boissonnas
2014 Jenica P. Rogers 2005 Scott Wicks 1997 Katina Strauch
2013 Rick Anderson 2004 Kent Mulliner 1996 Joseph W. Barker
2012 Lisa German 2003 Julia Gammon 1995 Carol E. Chamberlain
2011 Eleanor Cook