Paul Banks and Carolyn Harris Preservation Award

Deadline for nominations is December 1.


This award was established to honor the memory of Paul Banks and Carolyn Harris, early leaders in library preservation. The award will be given to recognize the contribution of a professional preservation specialist who has been active in the field of preservation and/or conservation for library and/or archival materials.


Criteria for selection of the winner will be determined by the person's accomplishments, as they relate to preservation leadership in such activities as:

  • leadership in professional associations at local, state, regional or national level;
  • contributions to the development, application or utilization of new or improved methods, techniques and routines;
  • evidence of studies or research in preservation;
  • significant contribution to professional literature;
  • training and mentoring in the field of preservation.


Nominations shall include:

  • name of nominee;
  • a formal statement of nomination, with a brief rationale for the nomination;
  • a resume or narrative career outline upon which the award jury can base its determinations.

Letters of endorsement are encouraged and should provide additional evidence of the worthiness of the nominee.

Nominations for persons not selected for the award in one year may be updated and resubmitted. Current employees of Preservation Technologies are not eligible.


 The award consists of a $1,500 cash grant donated by Preservation Technologies, L.P., and a citation.


The award is presented during the American Library Association Annual Conference each year at the ALCTS Awards Ceremony and Membership Meeting.

Award Jury

For nomination information contact Fletcher Durant, chair of the Paul Banks and Carolyn Harris Preservation Award Jury.

Award Recipients

Year Recipient Year Recipient
2020 Jennifer Hain Teper 2010 Michele Cloonan
2019 Paula De Stefano 2009 Barclay W. Ogden
2018 Nancy Kraft 2008 Janet Gertz
2017 Karen Kiorpes 2007 Walter Henry
2016 Ellen Cunningham-Kruppa 2006 Gary L. Frost
2015 Jeanne Drewes 2005 Paul Conway
2014 James M. Reilly 2004 Jan Merrill-Oldham
2013 Randy Silverman 2003 John F. Dean
2012 Julie Allen Page 2002 Ellen McCrady
2011 Roberta Pilette 2001 Sarah Buchanan