Establishment of New Awards


A clear, well-developed proposal is sent to the ALCTS Board for consideration. The ALA Awards Committee must approve new awards. Contact the Executive Director for assistance.

ALCTS Board Action on Proposal

The ALCTS Board receives proposals, either directly or through an appropriate section executive committee, and determines the route for their further consideration:

  1. Returns the proposal to the originator; or
  2. Refers it, simultaneously, for further consideration to
    1. The ALCTS Organization and Bylaws Committee or another committee designated by the Board (in lieu of an Awards Committee);
    2. The ALCTS Budget and Finance Committee (for fiscal impact);
    3. Other appropriate committees or sections.

Review of Proposals

The committees reviewing proposals on behalf of the ALCTS Board discuss them and present their recommendation(s), through the Organization and Bylaws Committee, to the Board by the last Board meeting of either the Midwinter Meeting or Annual Conference prior to the anticipated first award date. A Midwinter presentation might result in the award being presented at the Annual Conference 18 months in the future. An Annual Conference presentation might result in the award being presented at the Annual Conference 24 months in the future.

The review is to be carried out using the following criteria:

  • The intent and purpose of the award as set out by the sponsoring group;
  • The benefits to the Association and its sections;
  • The focus of the award as an "Honor" recognizing significant achievement or outstanding service, or an "Opportunity" for professional development in the profession, and not serving primarily as advertisement for the donor;
  • The existence of already established awards in the same or similar areas of interest, avoiding overlapping awards;
  • Any monetary award to the winner;
  • Cost of administering the award;
  • The feasibility and practicality of administering the proposed award with respect to a workable set of objective standards for selecting winners, the potential availability of candidates, and the life expectancy of the award;
  • Criteria for selecting the winner.

ALCTS Board Action on Recommendations

Upon receipt of the recommendation(s) from the reviewing committees, the ALCTS Board approves/rejects the award as follows:

  • Rejects, or rejects with suggestions for change, and returns the proposal to the originator; or
  • Approves the award, and 1) notifies the originator; 2) establishes a jury to administer the award, or requests the appropriate section to establish such a jury; and 3) submits the proposal for a new award, or revisions to an existing award, to the ALA Awards Committee one month prior to a regular meeting of the ALA Awards Committee which is at least six months prior to the date of first presentation.

When an award has been officially established and the jury appointed, the award is administered according to the procedures set up for the award.

Review of New Awards

At the time a new award is established, the ALCTS Board sets a date for a first review of the award. A trial period of five years is usual. The Organization and Bylaws Committee reviews division level awards. The appropriate section committee reviews section level awards.