Award Jury

Responsibilities of the Jury Chair

The jury chair:

  • Provides the jury members copies of all nominations and endorsements as they are received
  • Requests additional documentation on an apparently suitable candidate/nominee from the nominator, if needed or desired by the chair or jury member
  • Arranges for the jury meetings at Annual Conference and Midwinter Meeting, if necessary
  • Acknowledges each person nominating or endorsing a candidate
  • Reports the name of the winner(s) to the ALCTS Board of Directors during the Midwinter Meeting
  • Notifies the recipient and the award sponsor at the conclusion of the selection process upon approval by the Board
  • Sends copies of notification to the Division president/section chair and the Executive Director
  • Notifies the non-winners
  • Provides the Executive Director the text for the press release by February 15
  • Provides the Executive Director the text for the citation by April 15 for preparation as a framed citation
  • Attends the Awards Ceremony to present the award to the winner
  • Works with the Executive Director and the Office to ensure the success of the Awards Ceremony.

Responsibilities of the Jury Members

The jury:

  • Solicits nominations for the awards
  • Assists the chair with the documentation gathering for each nominee
  • Considers each nominee for the award carefully and fully to make an informed decision
  • Plans on attending the Awards Ceremonies
  • Attends all jury meetings at Annual Conference or Midwinter Meeting
  • Notifies the chair of any conflict of interest that may arise in considering prospective winners

Jury Procedures

The jury may meet at the Annual Conference preceding the Annual Conference at which the award will be given to establish an agenda, review procedures, and get acquainted.

The jury may hold a meeting at the Midwinter Meeting to select a recipient of the award, if the jury's work was not finished prior to the meeting.

If at any time during the nomination process, the jury or any of its members feels that the pool of nominees is too small or of insufficient quality to enable a suitable selection, the jury may solicit additional nominations or may offer their own nominations. Nominations made as a result of such solicitations must take the same form as other nominations, and are considered on an equal basis with them. After reviewing the nominations, the jury may elect not to give the award in a given year.

Nominations and endorsements of candidates received in one year but not selected as the citation recipient may be passed to the following year's jury for automatic reconsideration. Consideration of any candidate after the second year must be a result of re-nomination.

Documents that are supplied to the next jury are: an updated list of past recipients, sample citations, sample press releases, and procedural guidelines. The chair and/or the Officer prepares such documentation. Other material of archival value (nominating documents, jury reports, etc.) should be sent to the Executive Director for the Headquarters' archives.