Responsibilities of Board of Directors

The Board is responsible for the development of general policies related to the awards program sponsored by ALCTS and its sections. The focus of the award may be as an "Honor" recognizing significant achievement or outstanding service, or as an "Opportunity" for professional development.

As a general policy, the ALCTS Board has determined that the number of awards made by the Association should not exceed ten (one award per section and up to five Division awards). The Board will give serious consideration to any award proposal, particularly an opportunity, which is truly appropriate to the work of the Association or one of its sections, which would cause the limit to be exceeded.

In establishing and administering its award program, the Board:

  • Ensures that ALCTS policies on awards are in harmony with ALA's goals and objectives and ALA's policies on awards;
  • Maintains liaison and communication with the ALA Awards Committee on matters of mutual concern;
  • Receives and acts on proposals for new awards submitted by ALCTS sections, committees and members;
  • Designates and/or establishes standing or ad hoc committees to carry out the ALCTS awards program on the Board's behalf;
  • Gives final approval/rejection to proposals for new awards;
  • Establishes and appoints standing juries to administer each Association award and delegates responsibility for appointment of juries for section awards to the Executive Committees of the section;
  • Encourages nominations;
  • Provides for the orientation of new chairs of awards juries;
  • Ensures the review of existing ALCTS awards by the Organization and Bylaws Committee on a regular schedule and reports the results of the review to the ALA Awards Committee; and
  • Modifies, eliminates or suspends existing awards as necessary, and notifies the ALA Awards Committee of any such action.