CRS Reports on Committee and Interest Group Activity

Continuing Resources Section (CRS) Reports on Committee and Interest Group Activity

All committees met on Saturday, January 26 at 8:30 a.m.

Acquisitions Committee

Reported by Rob Van Rennes

The committee discussed the details and next steps for the 2013 ALA Annual Conference program, “Perspectives on Demand Driven Acquisitions in a Consortial Environment.” Ideas for future programs and preconferences were brought up for consideration by the group. Members also reviewed and generally approved of the draft of the CRS Participation Guide though some concerns were raised about the section on virtual participation.

Continuing Resources Cataloging Committee

Reported by Cecilia Genereux

The Continuing Resources Cataloging Committee (CRCC) and the Committee on Holdings Information held a joint forum on the topic of linked data. The event title was “Linked Data for Holdings and Cataloging: The First Step Is the Hardest!” and it was cosponsored by OCLC. The forum began at 3 p.m. and ran until 5:30 p.m. The forum was very well attended.

Four speakers presented at the forum: Eric Miller (Zepheira), Richard Wallis (OCLC), Violeta Ilik (Texas A&M), and Jeremy Myntti (University of Utah). A full description of the forum and links to the speakers' slides can be found on ALA Connect, and the forum is also covered in the Forums section of this issue.

CRCC held its business meeting on Saturday, January 26, 2013 at 8:30 a.m. All committee members were in attendance. The committee reviewed the forum plans for later that day, brainstormed topics for forums at the 2013 Annual Conference, and discussed a draft document from the CRS Board on committee participation.

Committee on Holdings Information

Reported by Heather Staines

The main topic was to plan a forum at the 2013 Annual Conference in Chicago. A number of possible topics were discussed, but the group is leaning towards a follow-up to our linked data session in Seattle, which was well attended and well received.

Main thoughts include next steps in promoting awareness (internally) and publicizing (externally) linked data initiatives in libraries.

  • How are indication of linked data shown in shared print repository records?
  • What discovery channels are most useful?
  • How can consortia make use of records using linked data?

A planning call is scheduled for Tuesday, February 19 to finalize the plan.

As many members are rotating off the committee, ways to attract new members were discussed. Violeta Ilik (Texas A&M) and Jeremy Myntti (University of Utah), presenters at our Midwinter Meeting forum, were approached and accepted.

Education, Research, and Publications Coordinating Committee

Reported by Mavis Molto

The Education, Research, and Publications Coordinating Committee focused on four areas during the Midwinter Meeting: priorities, website cleanup, progress in generating publications, and the CRS Participants Guide. To determine priorities, the committee held a chat on ALA Connect on November 27 and decided to focus on the following: soliciting publications, preparing a publications guide for potential authors, and drafting a definition of a continuing resource for posting on the ALCTS website. Since the ALCTS Publications Committee is also working on the first two areas, we decided to wait until after the Publications Committee meeting on January 27 to decide how to proceed. Committee members are ready to move forward in soliciting publications and working on a publications guide for potential authors on continuing resources topics. There is also a commitment from Jacquie Samples to write a definition of a continuing resource, and we plan to post the definition and possibly an accompanying video on the ALCTS website. The definition will be for new ALA members, who sometimes ask what a continuing resource is.

The committee reviewed progress in our website cleanup. Christine McConnell, ALCTS production manager, told us she found some older serials-related documents on the ALCTS website that we may want to update for inclusion in the continuing resources list of publications on the ALCTS website.

The committee also looked at our progress in generating ALCTS publications. A discussion forum was held in September in ALA Connect to generate ideas and to identify potential topics for publication. A list of continuing resources topics was submitted to ALCTS and is now on the ALCTS publications site. The list was included in flyers distributed at the ALCTS forum on January 27. Some committee members have decided to look into publishing with ALCTS, including one who recently submitted an article to Library Resources & Technical Services, another who is consulting with editors about developing a publication from a Resource Description and Access (RDA) presentation, and one who may be working with a colleague on a publication.

The committee reviewed the draft CRS Participants Guide, especially the sections on holding online meetings and discussions. We decided these meetings are best held before or after the in-person meetings at ALA, due to sound and other technical difficulties at the meeting sites. We have found that Connect chats and discussion forums work well.

Executive Committee

Drafted by Felicity Dykas

The CRS Executive Committee, committee and interest group chairs, and liaisons met at the ALA Midwinter Meeting and reviewed CRS activities and discussed ideas for future activities.

The CRS Executive Committee discussed the draft of the CRS Participants Guide that was the work of the CRS Committee/IG Participation Task Force. Several concerns and recommendations for improving the Guide were made. The task force will work to incorporate suggestions in the upcoming quarter.

CRS nominated Meg Mering for the IFLA Serials Section Standing Committee Representative from the ALCTS Continuing Resources Section and Birdie MacLennan for the IFLA Newspapers Section Standing Committee.

Policy and Planning Committee

Reported by Erin Leach

Policy and Planning Committee members made a final review of the recommendations to be sent to the CRS Executive Committee regarding increasing CRS visibility within ALCTS and ALA. Recommendations made during the final review will be incorporated into a document and the recommendations will be sent to Jacquie Samples, CRS chair, for review by the CRS Executive Committee.

Policy and Planning Committee members discussed how the committee could use the organization of other sections to make recommendations on how CRS could improve in four key areas: online presence, member engagement, continuing education, and research and publications. This work will continue into the spring with final recommendations being submitted to CRS Executive Committee around the time of the Annual Conference.

Standards Committee

Reported by Naomi Young

Only Betty Landesman and Naomi Young were able to attend the committee meeting at the ALA Midwinter Meeting. We discussed ways to bring our scattered committee together at least one more time before Annual Conference, and agreed to investigate meeting during the intermediate time via webinar.

NISO recently approved RP-15-2013, Recommended Practices for Online Supplemental Journal Article Materials. This could be a topic of a future program. RP-8-2008, Journal Article Versions (JAV): Recommendations of the NISO/ALPSP JAV Technical Working Group, is another possibility.

Regina Reynolds of the U. S. ISSN Center visited the committee to provide an update on standards related to the International Standard Serial Number (ISSN). The Center is examining the possibility of batch assignments of URLs for retrospective digitization programs. The U.S. ISSN Center has had some difficulty with potentially predatory open access publishers demanding large blocks of ISSNs for pre-publication titles that may or may not ever be published. The center has tentatively decided to require the publisher to provide proof of at least one published issue before assigning an ISSN to this type of journal. It might be possible for CRS and the Association for College and Research Library’s Science and Technology Section to have some kind of joint program or awareness program to make their members and the scholars with whom they work more aware of predatory open access practices.

The Continuing Resources Cataloging Committee is proposing a joint session with CRS Standards for the Annual Conference, with the theme “Serials: The Black Hole in BibFrame.” The normal Standards Forum time will be in direct conflict with Library of Congress’s official Bibliographic Framework presentation. A different time for the Standards Forum will be investigated, since the current time slot seems to be particularly prone to conflicts with high-interest presentations.

Interest Groups

College & Research Libraries Interest Group

Reported by Melissa Behney

The College & Research Libraries Interest Group meeting, held Sunday, January 27, 2013 at 8:30 a.m., featured three short presentations addressing "Web-scale Discovery and NISO’s Open Discovery Initiative.

Marshall Breeding, founder of Library Technology Guides and co-chair of the Open Discovery Initiative (ODI) Working Group, explained the evolution of library search and the basics of index-based discovery as well as the importance of understanding indexing depth. The National Information Standards Organization’s (NISO) Open Discovery Initiative is a collaborative effort between libraries, publishers, and discovery vendors and will help to develop standards and recommended practices for data format and transfer, content rights, indexing, linking, and usage statistics.

John Law, vice president, discovery services at Serials Solutions and a member of the ODI Working Group, reminded us that libraries, publishers, and discovery services are in this together. The primary goal of ODI is to help these groups work together better. Discovery services are one way for libraries to demonstrate value by creating a digital front door to collections which will make resources accessible and support the researcher. This requires having a unified index to increase resource usage and return on investment.

Doralyn Rossmann, assistant professor and collection development librarian, Montana State University, spoke about the importance of ODI initiatives based on her experience with implementation of a web scale discovery (WSD) tool. The library convened an assessment group in January 2012 to analyze user behavior, system performance, and collection coverage. She discussed how others might use the tools and benchmarks developed from this survey.

There was considerable discussion after the presentations with particular interest in the assessment work being done at Montana State University. Presentation slides are available on ALA Connect.

The program was organized by chair Melissa Behney (Wesleyan University) and chair-elect Doralyn Rossmann (Montana State University).