2013 ALA, ALCTS Elections

Each year, members of the American Library Assocation have the opportunity to vote for who will lead the Association in the coming years. Elections open on Tuesday, March 19.  Between March 19 and March 21 all eligible members will be sent an e-mail with voting instructions.

Included on the ballot is the election for ALA Council. This year, there are three members of ALCTS running for Council: Erica Findley, Sharon Castleberry, and Olivia Madison. More information about these individuals is below.

There are also elections for the individual associations within ALA, including ALCTS. See below for statements from those candidates running for positions within ALCTS.

The election closes on Friday, April 26 with the results being announced on Friday, May 3. More information regarding the upcoming ALA elections can be found on the ALA website.

Candidates for ALA Council

Erica Findley

Erica Findley

Erica Findley is the Digital Resources and Metadata Librarian at Pacific University (OR) and is a 2008 MLS graduate from Emporia State University.  She is an active member of the American Library Association where she was chosen as an Emerging Leader in 2012.  She currently serves as a mentor in the Emerging Leaders program, is on the Emerging Leaders Subcommittee, is a member of the ALCTS Publications Committee, and is an intern on the ALCTS Board.

Erica is a passionate library supporter and is influential in the broader library advocacy ecosystem.  She is a regular in the ALA Think Tank on Facebook, co-led a fundraising effort in Oregon to help get EveryLibrary started, and hosts “pop-up libraries” when traveling by train. She is also a board member for EveryLibrary the first Federal level Political Action Committee (PAC) for libraries.  Ms. Findley can be found online at www.ericafindley.com, or @efindley on Twitter, or via email at erica.findley@gmail.com.

My service to the ALCTS New Members Interest Group has shown me the need for ALA to foster participation from its newer members. Often these members are timid to volunteer or do not understand the committee structure or nomination process. Furthermore, they are unable to see how involvement in ALA will benefit their professional development. I will use my experience working with new members to ensure that ALA takes the long view and remains a center for professional development in our field. ALA is positioned to encourage and mentor new leaders that have values at the center of their professional identity. This is increasingly important as library budgets continue to be challenged. ALA needs to take leadership development seriously and make it a top priority. I will make it happen in ALA Council.

Sharon R. Castleberry

Sharon R. Castleberry is Coordinator of Library Automation for the DeSoto Public Library in DeSoto, Texas. She has been an active member of the Texas Library Association and the American Library Association since 1998, soon after earning her MLS from Texas Women's University.

In these trying economic times it is up to all of us to prove our professional value and worth. Librarians need to get involved in contacting local, state and federal officials to let them know of our concerns. Our patrons, students and colleagues depend upon us to provide them with the most up-to-date and relevant information in order to make truly informed decisions. In Texas we have seen public libraries closing for furlough days and many school districts going without professional librarians in their libraries.

If elected to Council, I would make my voice heard that we need to take our concerns to the legislators that librarians are a necessary part of the American way of life.

Olivia M. A. Madison

Olivia M. A. Madison

Olivia M. A. Madison is Dean of the Library at Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa. Olivia has been an active member of ALCTS for many years, serving as President in 2002–2003, Budget & Finance Committee Chair and member of the Board of Directors from 1998–2001, as well as several other appointments within the Cataloging & Classification Section (now CaMMS).

To know me well is to appreciate my strong commitment to organizations and how they can collaboratively build and strengthen communities. Given my long-term commitment to ALA, I believe it is time to ask you to provide me the honor and opportunity to serve on ALA Council, the governing body of ALA. ALA is a rowdy, committed, influential, trusted and serious organization to be reckoned with. Under its broad organizational umbrella resides an incredible range of organizational communities that specifically address the broad scope of the library and information science profession and services while promoting excellence and innovation. Moreover, ALA contributes to, influences and supports a vast network of fellow organizational travelers as we collaboratively promote and help build literate, well-informed constituencies with open access to information within an ethical infrastructure of trust. I believe that ALA Council provides high-profile opportunities to promote and ensure this vision.

My major accomplishments encompass three decades of national and international commitment and leadership for bibliographic standards development. I chaired two influential cataloging committees (ALA Committee on Cataloging: Description and Access and the IFLA Section on Cataloging); chaired two seminal studies that explored fundamentals of and future roles for bibliographic and access control; and published broadly in the area of cataloging standards. I chaired CC:DA during the revision process that led to AACR2 Revised. I chaired the IFLA Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records (FRBR) Study and worked closely with the study consultant as they undertook a wide-reaching study. In addition to recommending core data elements, FRBR defined a new bibliographic framework. Since its publication, FRBR has provided a conceptual basis for Resource Description and Access (RDA); influenced key recommendations in On the Record (2008) by the LC Working Group on the Future of Bibliographic Control (which I co-chaired); and provides a framework for new discovery tools seeking to yield meaningful yet disparate search results. In 2010 I received the Margaret Mann Citation.

ALCTS Elections

Each spring, ALCTS members may vote who will take responsibility for our association in the coming years, both at the Division and Section levels. We hope you will consider your choices carefully, and that you enjoy the opportunity to learn more about the candidates.

Due to time constraints related to newsletter production, not all the candidates may have a statement.


Vice-President/President-Elect (2013–2016)

Lauren Corbett

Lauren Corbett (Wake Forest University)


The mission of any professional association should be to help its members. How that is accomplished depends on the leadership and the members together. ALCTS has experienced wonderful leadership and excellent participation from its members. Sustaining that dialogue and flexibility in times of rapid change would be my goal, continuing our progress in:

  • Providing useful and affordable continuing education opportunities
  • Publishing helpful information whether through our journal (Library Resources & Technical Services), our print guides, or through exploring ways to expand electronic publications
  • Influencing others through our Advocacy Coordinating Group
  • Reaching out through our Council of Regional Groups

Mary PageMary Page (University of Central Florida)

I am honored to be nominated for the position of ALCTS Vice-President/President-Elect and enthusiastic about the opportunity to serve the division that is my home within ALA. The key components of my philosophy of our work are a commitment to access and preservation, as well as a desire to collaborate and share successes. If we can identify new partners and opportunities for collaboration, we can find ways to share library services with new constituencies across our campuses and communities. As librarians, we have evolved and taken on new roles in the provision of access to information: We are no longer the gatekeepers, we are the guides. From the development of the MARC record to linked data across platforms, we have advanced the profession in amazing ways. Should you elect me to this position, I will work to promote collaborative efforts that continue the evolution of our field. Thank you for your consideration.

Director at Large (2013–2016)

Keri CascioKeri Cascio (Linda Hall Library)

I am currently the Director of Innovative Technologies and Library Resources Management at the Linda Hall Library of Science, Technology and Engineering. I am the chair of the ALCTS Continuing Education Committee, and have been involved with ALCTS continuing education, symposiums, and president’s programs since 2008. During my time serving ALCTS, I’ve observed the importance of offering ALCTS members opportunities for virtual participation, continuing education, and programming outside of ALA meetings. Having been employed by special libraries, public libraries, and library vendors, I have seen the value that technical services and “back end” functions bring to libraries of all types and sizes. I am proud of the support ALCTS programming and services have offered to technical services staff. If elected as Director at Large, I would bring my energy for collaboration and participation to the ALCTS Board and our member community.

Connie FosterConnie Foster (Western Kentucky University)


I have served ALCTS as chair of the Continuing Resources Section, a liaison to the Publications Committee, and currently am on the Transforming Collections Task Force. I also chaired the CRS Nominations Committee and served the same year on the ACLTS Nominations Committee. I seek additional service opportunities on a different level within ALCTS as it remains my primary professional interest. Running for a Director-at-Large offers the opportunity to once again work with the ALCTS Board in specific ways. I value the quality of leadership, energy, willingness to transform and explore options that will make the organization stronger – these attributes that I find in ALCTS and its leaders is important for growth and innovation, for mentoring new professionals and enhancing the role of those comfortably established in library collections and technical services positions.

Acquisitions Section

Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect (2013–2016)

Jeanne HarrellJeanne Harrell (Texas A&M University)


I am Associate Professor and Coordinator of Monograph & Automated Acquisitions for the Texas A&M University Libraries in College Station, Texas, where I have been a member of the library faculty for 28 years. Previously, I was a cataloger and LIAS trainer at the University of Tulsa. I have been active in the Texas Library Association and the American Library Association in leadership roles, and have published in the area of library acquisitions, most recently in fund accounting and e-book management, including patron driven acquisitions.

After previous service in professional organizations, and with numerous years of experience in technical services, I believe that I can contribute to the ongoing success of the Acquisitions Section as Chair-Elect. I believe one of our main roles is to support and encourage fellow acquisitions librarians in our ever-changing environment, sharing expertise to enable them to meet daily challenges and opportunities.

Lisa SpagnoloLisa Spagnolo (University of California-Davis)

I have been an active member of ALCTS and the Acquisitions Section since the beginning of my career. I served as the co-chair of the defunct Pre-Order Pre-Catalog Search Discussion Group and played a role in its transition to the Technical Services Workflow Efficiency Interest Group. My most recent turn as Acquisitions Section Secretary has allowed me to support the section’s work and see firsthand the many behind-the-scenes activities that contribute to a vital organization. I am running for the position of Chair-Elect as an opportunity to guide this part of ALCTS to best serve the members participating in the various aspects of acquisitions work.

Member at Large (2013–2016)

Alison Bobal (E-Book Library)

Kelli GetzKelli Getz (University of Houston)

Secretary (2013-2016)

Catherine Grove (Northwestern University)

Paul Lightcap (Salem (OR) Public Library)

Cataloging & Metadata Management Section

Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect (2013–2016)

Pat Loghry (University of Notre Dame)

Melinda FlanneryMelinda Reagor Flannery (Rice University)

I hold the experience and skills of catalogers/metadata specialists in high regard, and deeply believe our strengths are essential to building and maintaining a digital library. My experience in the field runs from cataloging non-Roman and rare materials in the early days of AACR2 through currently leading a technical services division, with significant ALCTS involvement along the way. If elected as CaMMS vice-chair/chair-elect, I would listen to both established and new section voices to shape a strong future for CaMMS.

Member at Large (2013–2016)

Luis Mendez (California State University-Northridge)

John MaierJohn Maier (Pratt Institute)

I am the Head of Technical Services at Pratt Institute Libraries in New York. I received a BFA at the University at Buffalo and an MFA in Fine Arts at SUNY Purchase before attending CUNY’s Queens College where I received an MLS in 2000. My interest in the arts led to libraries, and my love of knowledge organization and information systems led to Technical Services. Active locally in technical services organizations, I served as both Secretary (2003–2005) and as Program Co-Chair (2007–2011) of the New York Technical Services Librarians, as well as currently serving as an Interest Group Chair for ALCTS’ Faceted Subject Access Interest Group (2012/2013). As a firm believer in the work undertaken by the many members of CaMMS it would be a privilege to support and advocate for them as a Member At Large during this period of such active change within our profession.

Secretary (2013–2016)

Debbie RyszkaDeborah A. Ryszka (University of Delaware)

As a practicing cataloger and cataloging supervisor with over thirty years of experience, I have successfully managed staff and cataloging projects in all of the libraries in which I have worked. In my current position as the Coordinator of the Copy Cataloging Unit at the University of Delaware, I am responsible for leading, training, and supervising the staff of the Copy Cataloging Unit.

In my role as current chair of the ALCTS Membership Committee, I have worked with ALCTS members to organize well-attended ALCTS 101 programs at annual conferences. I have been an active participant on RBMS and OLAC committees that have produced important cataloging documentation. In addition to contributing content to several of these publications, I also have served as the final editor on many. I look forward to serving as secretary of CaMMS and to working with its members as they prepare catalogers and metadata specialists for the future challenges they will encounter.

Michele Seikel (Oklahoma State University)

Collection Management Section

Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect (2013–2016)

Mildred L. JacksonMildred L. Jackson (University of Alabama)

Currently I am Associate Dean for Research & Instruction at the University of Alabama, and have been active both in ALCTS and ACRL. I have worked in collections for seventeen years at various institutions, and have presented and published on collections, workflow and electronic resources. Currently I serve on the editorial board of The Bottom Line and am the North American Review Editor for SHARP News. I have served on CMDS, now CMS, as a committee chair and as member at large on the executive committee.

Librarians need to be involved in discussing changes in the nature of collections as well as standards that are being developed for electronic access and preservation. New questions and concerns continue to surface as technology changes and digital collections grow. CMS is one place where librarians involved in collections can voice opinions, learn about issues, and have influence on the future.

Michael Levine-ClarkMichael Levine-Clark (University of Denver)

It’s an exciting time to be a collection management librarian. So much is available, in so many different ways, that we can build stronger collections than ever. But the very things that make it so easy to do that introduce new challenges. Demand-Driven Acquisition allows us to provide access to more books than we ever could afford in the past, but forces us to rethink the entire nature of the collection. Big Deals, which have raised expectations about the journal collections libraries can provide, continually decrease our flexibility to manage our subscriptions. And new types of resources—data collections, amazing primary source digital collections, streaming media, and the entire free web—stretch our notion of what the collection can be, but introduce huge management and discovery challenges. I would be thrilled to help lead discussions about these issues and the nature of collections as Chair of CMS.

Member at Large (2013–2016)

Bleue Benton (Oak Park Public Library)

Robin ChampieuxRobin Champieux (Oregon Health & Science University)

As a scholarly communication librarian and a member of Oregon Health & Science University Library’s collection development committee, I am deeply interested in the connections between collection management practices and open access advocacy. My professional background also includes work for vendors, most recently as Vice President of Business Development for Ebook Library (EBL). I believe this mixture of experience is valuable and has benefitted my work for ALCTS. I hope I will have the opportunity to further my contribution to the organization and its membership as Member at Large for the ALCT CMS Executive Committee.

Continuing Resources Section

Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect (2013–2016)

Rob Van RennesRob Van Rennes (University of Iowa)

As the Interim Head of the Acquisitions Department at the University of Iowa, I’ve always found my experiences in ALCTS to be relevant and rewarding both on a personal and professional level. I’ve had the privileged opportunity to meet, collaborate, and learn from colleagues from around the nation and beyond. I’m honored to be considered for the Chair-Elect of the Continuing Resources Section and, if elected, I hope to continue the important work of our organization and help meet the challenges that face our changing profession.

Jennifer YoungJennifer Young (Northwestern University)


I have been a Serials Catalog Librarian at Northwestern University Library for 10 years. During that time, I have enjoyed contributing to ALCTS and CRS by serving on the Continuing Resources Cataloging Committee, including time as Chair. I also co-chaired an informal task force on RDA and continuing resources. Our profession is in a time of tremendous transition with RDA and BIBFRAME. I also think advocating for our area of the profession is vitally important. I look forward to the challenges such changes bring to both CRS and ALCTS.

Member at Large (2013–2016)

Heather Staines (Stanford Intellectual Property Exchange)

Christopher WalkerChristopher Walker (Pennsylvania State University)

Past Chair of both the Continuing Resources Cataloging Committee and the Ulrichs Serials Librarianship Award, I am a member of both ALCTS and ACRL and of the Library History Round Table. I worked in serials acquisitions before transitioning to cataloging in 1990; I've been the Serials Cataloging Librarian at Penn State University since 2005, and represent my institution on CONSER’s Operations Committee.  My service has been in academic libraries but I look for opportunities to learn from colleagues in public, school, and special libraries. MLS (Indiana University, 2002) included coursework in rare materials librarianship. Catalogers generally have a reputation for being inflexible and narrowly focused on our own work, but I’ve made a career out of letting the needs of the user occasionally trump the Rules. I don’t believe our professional skills are superannuated, even in an era of accelerated change.

Preservation & Reformatting Section

Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect (2013–2016)

Kara McClurkenKara McClurken (University of Virginia)

I am Head of Preservation Services at the University of Virginia. Trained as an archivist with a preservation slant, I realized I could do the most good for collections by working to ensure that institutions understood the preservation needs of collections and had the infrastructure to ensure access to materials over time. Prior to arriving at U.Va., I was an archivist at Smith College and then Preservation Services Librarian for SOLINET (the Southeastern Library Network). During my time at SOLINET, I worked with libraries, archives, historical societies, and other cultural organizations of all sizes and funding levels.

Preservation has never been more challenging. We must be proactive and work with content creators earlier in the process, to ensure transfer of materials, develop use agreements that provide flexibility to ensure use and preservation, and prioritize content to ensure that the most vital materials remains accessible over time, regardless of format. Preservation administrators must understand the challenges of and possibilities for the preservation of analog and digital objects and be able to advocate for both in a difficult funding climate.

Julie MosboJulie Mosbo (Southern Illinois University)

I have been the Preservation Librarian at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale since January 2008. I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts in printmaking and drawing from the University of Central Arkansas, a Masters in Library and Information Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and a Certificate of Advance Study in Preservation Administration from the University of Texas-Austin. During the past several years, I have become actively involved in the Preservation and Reformatting Section (PARS) of ALCTS. My involvement in various interest groups, committees, and working groups has fueled my desire to continue to help PARS develop as new initiatives and challenges emerge from the preservation field; including statistic keeping methodologies, education of new professionals, and the continued need and evolution of digital preservation. I am excited about the prospect of further serving the preservation community.

Member at Large (2013–2016)

Ian Bogus (University of Pennsylvania)

Gina Minks (Amigos)

Secretary (2013–2016)

David Lowe (University of Connecticut)