From the Editor

Alice Platt, ANO EditorAlice Platt, ANO Editor

Voting is an important part of our culture. We vote in areas from crucially important government elections, to life-changing contests like American Idol, to relatively unimportant topics like the newest color to be included in a bag of M&M candies.

Recently, ALCTS members all received a ballot in their inbox with just one question—a request, if you will. Choose a new name for the ALCTS newsletter. Why did we ask you to do this? For the past few years, it's become apparent that ALCTS Newsletter Online has fallen behind the times just a bit. The relatively static website doesn't give users the ability to comment or download an article. You can't set up an RSS feed. It doesn't feature timely bits of information from blog or Twitter feeds. All of these features are standard fare for web-based publications. I know that, and I know you know that.

With the help of the ALCTS office staff (particularly Production Manager Christine McConnell), the newsletter is being brought up to date, to become a dynamic, timely, attractive publication that can come to you just as easily as you might seek it out. A change as monumental as this one deserves a new name, and so we asked you to help us choose one.

And so, this summer, when you see an advertisement for the ALCTS News, I hope you'll seek it out. I hope you'll all be pleasantly surprised and pleased with what we're able to do.

Alice Platt