RDA Training Plan

The Library of Congress recently announced its long-range RDA training plan. Implementation Day One is scheduled to be March 31, 2013. Learn more from the Library of Congress,

New ERM Paper

Making Good on the Promise of ERM: A Standards and Best Practices Discussion Paper was recently published by the National Information Standards Organization (NISO). The project's primary goals were to perform a "gap analysis" of standards and best practices and make recommendations on the future of the ERMI Data Dictionary. It is available free from the NISO web site,

Preservation Week, April 22-28

Preservation Week now has its own Facebook page and Twitter feed! Stay tuned for Preservation Week updates.

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International Preservation

To foster international preservation efforts, Nancy Kraft, Preservation Librarian for the University of Iowa Libraries, is midway through an international preservation outreach trip to Vietnam. Nancy and Linda Pikula (NOAA) are meeting with librarians at the Vietnam Institute of Oceanography Library (an IODE library) in Nha Trang to consult about preservation and care of their collections. Follow Nancy's activities on the University of Iowa’s Preservation Beat blog,