Midwinter AS Committee Reports

These reports summarize ALCTS committee activities up to and during the 2012 ALA Annual Midwinter Meeting in Dallas, Texas, held January 19–23, 2012.

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Acquisitions Section (AS) Committees

Acquisitions Organization & Management Committee

  • Reviewed charge and roster for the committee
  • Reviewed and approved minutes from the meeting at Annual Conference.
  • Discussed the handout compiled by Jeanne Harrell which reported on the evaluation forms turned in at the program in New Orleans at the Annual Conference (“The Future of Acquisitions: Planning for Change in an Ever-Changing Environment”).
  • Reminder about webinar initiated by this committee, scheduled for February 29 (“The Black, White and Gray Areas of Licensing”)
  • Discussed possible programs for 2013:
  • Retooling staff
  • Streaming media...What Is It and Why Do I Care?

Policy & Planning Committee

  1. Introductions
  2. Review Agenda
  3. ALCTS Strategic Planning: Ann will post Marcia’s report to AS on the Committee ALA Connect page so everyone can take a look at the prototype of the tracking mechanism and make comments.
  4. Questionnaire Review: Add space for person completing the questionnaire with contact information, date completed.
  5. Calendar Review: Reviewed calendar and tasks cycle.
  6. Assignments:
    1. Post-ALA-Election tasks:
      1. Draft letter (with instructions) to the new AS chair. Rebecca will do a first draft.
      2. Send the letter with forms to the new AS Chair. Ann
    2. Spring 2012: Acquisitions Organization & Management Committee: Add instruction to post completed questionnaire to their committee ALA Connect page for future reference by Committee members. Stephen Smith.
  7. Midwinter meeting: necessary? We encourage new members to attend the meeting at Annual before their formal term begins. Midwinter serves a purpose for new committee members, in terms of orientation but this could also be achieved if they attend Annual.

Publications Committee

The committee did not meet at Midwinter. The Guide to Patron Driven Acquisitions, authored by Suzanne Ward has been approved by the ALCTS Publications Committee in October, will be put into production by ALA Publishing soon after ALA Midwinter. The manuscript for the Guide to Ethics in Acquisitions Librarianship will be delivered to the ACLTS Acquisitions Section by Annual 2012. The authors for the Guide to Ethics in Acquisitions Librarianship are Wyoma vanDuinkerken and Jeanne Harrell. The authors of the Guide to Online Approval Plans, Amy McColl, Mike Persick, and Eric Pumroy, will submit a revised manuscript to the ALCTS Publications Committee by February 1, 2012.

Research & Statistics Committee

The Research & Statistics Committee has completed the program plan for the 2012 Annual Conference in Anaheim. Prior to the 2012 Midwinter Meeting, Faye Chadwell, editor of Collection Management, agreed to serve as the second speaker. Both speakers were provided with the results of our e-forum and were encouraged to address the concerns and ideas expressed in their presentations. Having the speakers settled early permitted us to add finalizing the program description and all details for evaluations, handouts, and other logistical matters to our Midwinter Meeting agenda. The program, “Write for it! Jump Start your Research Agenda and Join the Conversation,” will take place at 10:30am on Saturday, June 23.

Once all the 2012 Annual Conference details were itemized and the work distributed (with deadlines applied), the committee brainstormed ideas for the 2013 Annual Conference program. Many good ideas were generated. We will discuss them more online and have a short, preferred list to finalize at the annual conference. In light of the expressed program length discussions that took place at the 2012 Midwinter Meeting, the committee will work with the idea of having the 2013 program last only one hour.

Technology Committee

The AS Technology Committee used e-mails, phone calls and conference calls to plan the Anaheim program. We had a conference call with the presenters in November, 2011 to share rough ideas and thoughts. Close coordination of contents were desired by the group to avoid unwanted overlap among the four presentations.

The committee shared expectations and guidelines for presentations with the speakers. Each speaker will submit bullet points of possible contents to be presented at Anaheim and also a brief bio to the whole group by the first week in February. Another conference call will be arranged to finalize the discussions if needed since we did not meet in person at Denver. Unfortunately, Kevin has indicated that he will not be able to attend ALA in Anaheim this summer. We still have four confirmed presenters and are in the process of finalizing for a replacement speaker. Based on ALCTS committee input gathered by Rachel at ALA Denver, we are changing the title of our presentation to “Growing IT Skill Sets within Technical Services Departments.”