Spotlight on Interest Groups

Beginning with this issue, ALCTS Newsletter Online will spotlight two or three ALCTS interest groups—what they do, what the current issues are in their field, and so on. If you’d like more information about ALCTS interest groups, visit We’d love to have you!

Copy Cataloging Interest Group

The purpose of the Copy Cataloging interest group is to discuss informally common problems concerning copy cataloging, such as quality control of copy cataloging units, work flows in copy cataloging, copy cataloging of all kinds of materials (monographs, serials, audiovisuals), staffing needs in copy cataloging, training of copy cataloging, and effects of changes in cataloging rules on copy cataloging.

Recently the group has held moderated discussions at ALA Midwinter and Annual 2011, focusing on experiences of various institutions that have tested RDA and libraries that have experimented with shelf-ready cataloging programs. Public posts of these presentations are listed on ALA Connect at:

This year’s Midwinter presentations and meeting will focus on hot-button topics including e-books and RDA. If you’re attending Midwinter, we’d love to see you! Check the Midwinter Preview in this issue for more information.

Make sure to look for us the Annual Conference too, where this year we’ll host speakers Barbara Tillet, chief of the Policy and Standards Division: LC Core Elements for RDA, and Karl Debus-Lopez, chief of the U.S. General Division and acting chief of the U.S. & Publisher Liaison Division: Cataloging in Publication Electronic Books Program.

Publisher/Vendor/Library Relations (PVLR) Interest Group

The Publisher/Vendor/Library Relations (PVLR) Interest Group aims to bring together all facets of the publishing industry to discuss issues facing all stakeholders. The goal of each panel is to bring up a topic of mutual interest and to invite each of the stakeholders (publishers, vendors, and librarians) to share their views on a particular topic.

The PVLR Mission Statement states: "PVLR will create formal and informal settings for the discussion of issues and trends of interest to publishers, vendors, librarians, and others concerned with the business aspects of library collections and technical services, and will highlight best practices among our constituent groups."

We believe that part of the group’s success comes from having a open forum where people representing different parts of the scholarly communication industry can come together to exchange information and ideas in order to discuss challenging issues and facilitate lasting partnerships.

Recent topics have included patron-driven acquisitions, a discussion of the 2010 Periodicals Pricing Survey, and how to manage your future e-book collection. The group has also tackled other topics, including print on demand, approval plans and library/university press partnerships. E-books and pricing are always hot topics, and the next issue we’ve decided to focus on is interlibrary loan (ILL), especially in regards to e-books.

If you’re going to Midwinter, be sure to check out our Forum, which will tackle all things ILL this year. Find more information in this issue’s Midwinter Preview, or, for more information about the PVLR interest group, please contact co-chairs Liz Lorbeer ( or Kim Steinle (