Letters from ALCTS

From the Editor

I want to give a shout out to two groups—the Public Librarians in Technical Services Interest Group which held its inaugural meeting at ALA Annual in Chicago, and the New Members Interest Group, which will debut at Midwinter. Congratulations and good luck to Marlene Harris (PLTSIG) and Keisha Manning (NMIG)! These groups demonstrate the ability of ALCTS members to respond to the needs of our profession. | MORE

From the President

Having spent much time soliciting comments about our organization, our next step toward this goal is to take a moment and articulate what ALCTS does—what are the outcomes that we want our organization to achieve? | MORE

From the Office

Ah, life inside ALA. What is it like and what do we (ALCTS) get? Intriguing questions for those of you on the outside looking in. Not always apparent, I am afraid. It goes with the age old questions of what do my ALA dues really pay for. Well, I am here to tell you, and it might surprise you. | MORE