Letters from ALCTS

mary beth weber, ano editor

From the Editor

Mary Beth Weber, ANO Editor

Touching Base

Current Issue of ANO

The conference reports from the ALA Annual Conference are normally published in the August issue of ANO. I want to take this opportunity to remind everyone that there will be four, rather than six, issues of ANO this year due to the fact that the ALA Midwinter Meeting and Annual Conference were later this year. The current issue provides content from July through September, and the next issue will be in December.

In addition to the conference reports, see ALCTS President Mary Case’s column on the future of ALCTS, and ALCTS Executive Director Charles Wilt’s column on our organization’s budget. Are you ready to help plan the future of ALCTS?

There are two announcements regarding Midwinter symposia and there will be more included in the December ANO.

ANO Member Survey

A survey of ANO readership was conducted from February 2009 to September 7, 2009. Many thanks to ALCTS member Christine Ross and to ALCTS Publications and Membership Coordinator Christine Taylor for collaborating with me on the survey. We received a good number of responses and will make the survey results available in the December 2009 issue of ANO.

I would like to respond to some of the suggestions and comments made by respondents. One respondent commented that Edward Swanson’s “New Publications” column has been missing from recent issues. During the LRTS Editorial Board meeting at the 2009 ALA Annual Conference, Edward noted that he has been receiving considerably less books to review. As a result, he has not had a column for me to include in ANO.

Other suggestions include articles on hot topics and emerging technologies, interviews with leaders in our profession, and success stories about ALCTS members. I welcome your suggestions and will use them in planning future issues of ANO.

My ALCTS Experience

You may remember that there is a new Public Libraries Technical Services Interest Group within ALCTS. The “My ALCTS Experience” column for the coming year will feature public librarians to help promote the group and its activities and to highlight the involvement of public librarians in our organization.