Midwinter 2009 Meeting Events

The 2009 ALA Midwinter Meeting will take place in Denver, Colorado, January 23-28, 2008. The following is a listing of events scheduled to take place during the meeting. Find more information on the ALA Midwinter Wiki and feel free to add your own information on other events.Registration is not required to post items to the wiki.

ALCTS Events: Schedule by Date | Schedule by Group

ALCTS Member Reception

The ALCTS Member Reception will take place on Saturday, January 24, 6–8 pm, in the Colorado Convention Center, Room 503/504. Take this opportunity to network with your ALCTS colleagues, meet new colleagues, and say hello to ALCTS President Dina Giambi, ALCTS President-Elect Mary Case, and ALCTS Executive Director Charles Wilt. Newcomers and those interested in joining ALCTS are encouraged to attend. The reception has been generously funded by YBP.

ALCTS Volunteer Forum

Want to learn how you can get involved in ALCTS? Come to the sixth annual ALCTS Volunteer Forum, sponsored by the ALCTS Leadership Development Committee, on Saturday, January 24, 10:30 am–12 pm, in the Colorado Convention Center, Korbel Ballroom. At the Volunteer Forum you will discover the ins and outs of the committee appointment process and hear firsthand from the division appointing officers about opportunities throughout the organization.

The presenters include the ALCTS President Dina Giambi and President-Elect Mary Case; the Chairs-Elect of the Acquisitions, Cataloging and Classification, Collection Management and Development, Continuing Resources, Preservation and Reformatting Sections, and the Council of Regional Groups; and the ANO Editor and ALCTS Executive Director.

For additional information about the forum, contact Ellen Kovacic, Volunteer Forum Coordinator, ALCTS Leadership Development Committee.

Submit an ALCTS volunteer application online today. For more information, see the “How to Volunteer” portion of the ALCTS website.

OCLC Events at Midwinter

OCLC is offering a number of events at the ALA Midwinter Meeting, covering such topics as CONTENTdm, WorldCat Local, ONIX, and the popular update breakfast. Visit the OCLC website for more information.

Symposiums and Forums

ALCTS Symposium: Breaking Down the Silos: Planning for Discovery Tools for Library 2.0

The ALCTS Symposium “Breaking Down the Silos” will take place on Friday, January 23, 8:30 am–4:30 pm in the Denver Marriott City Center, Denver Ballroom IV.

Libraries today face many choices when trying to optimize resource discovery for their patrons. Much of our information resides in separate silos, yet patrons want an integrated, intuitive, and interactive discovery experience. Many companies have developed products that attempt to deliver that experience. How can libraries evaluate the options: next generation catalog interfaces, federated search engines, link resolvers? How do they choose which will be the best fit?

Speaker roster includes:

  • Kristin Antelman, Associate Director for the Digital Library, North Caroline State University Libraries: How Do you Know What Your Users Want?
  • Marshall Breeding, Director for Innovative Technologies and Research, Vanderbilt University Libraries: Presentation title TBA
  • Jill Grogg, E-Resources Librarian, University of Alabama Libraries: Presentation title TBA
  • Roy Tennant, Senior Program Officer for OCLC Research: Presentation title TBA
  • Robert Wolven, Associate University Librarian for Bibliographic Services and Collection Development, Columbia University Libraries

Registration information and links to speaker abstracts are available online.

ALCTS Symposium: Implementing an Institutional Repository: Benefits and Challenges

The ALCTS Symposium “Implementing an Institutional Repository” will take place on Thursday, January 22, 8:30 am–5 pm in the Denver Marriott City Center, Denver Ballroom IV.

Many libraries have joined the movement to create an institutional repository, providing a mechanism to acquire, maintain, and preserve scholarly and other material of lasting value to the institution. The presentations will focus on the challenges, pitfalls and promises of establishing and supporting institutional repositories. A discussion of the legal and access issues as well as various IR platforms and models will allow attendees to make informed decisions regarding the introduction of an institutional repository.

Speaker roster includes:

  • Greg Tananbaum, Consultant, ScholarNext: Keynote Address “Institutional Repositories: The Promises of Yesterday” and Closing Presentation “Institutional Repositories: The Promises of Tomorrow”
  • Marilyn Billings, Scholarly Communication and Special Initiatives Librarian, University of Massachusetts, Amherst: To Host or Not to Host, or, Decisions Along the Way to a Successful Hosted Repository Investment
  • Jessica Branco Colati, Project Director, Alliance Digital Repository, Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries: Constructing Consortial Digital Repository Services: A Look at the Core Components and Communities of the Alliance Digital Repository
  • Bob Gerrity, Director of Library Systems, Boston College Libraries: Moving from a Hosted to Local IR Platform: the Good, the Bad, the Ugly
  • Georgia Harper, Scholarly Communications Advisor, University of Texas at Austin Libraries: Open Access and Digital Copyright
  • Robert Tansley, Engineer, Google Inc.: Presentation title TBA
  • Leah Vanderjagt, Digital Repository Services Librarian, University of Alberta Libraries: Early Implementation Work for IR Management: Sifting Through Choices for an Emerging Area of Service

Registration information and links to speaker abstracts are available online.

Acquisitions Section Midwinter Forum

The ALCTS Acquisitions Section (AS) Forum "Are We Ready for E-book Approval Plans?" will take place Monday, January 26, 1:30-3:30 pm in the Colorado Convention Center, Korbel Ballroom 3B. The forum will consist of presentations and a panel/ audience discussion on the timely topic of vendor approval plans for e-books.

The panel includes representatives from three major book vendors, a publisher, and two library professionals:

  • Ann-Marie Breaux, YBP
  • Carolyn Morris, Coutts
  • Jay Henry, Blackwells
  • Rob Boehm, ABC-Clio
  • Steven Bosch, University of Arizona
  • Lynda Fuller Clendenning, Past AS Chair, will serve as convener and will round out perspectives on this topic.

The forum will cover the various ways that libraries acquire e-books and the sustainability of these models as publishers move their monograph publications to electronic format. The following topics will be explored: Will libraries want to duplicate print and electronic titles? What part will on-demand models play? Will we continue print monograph models or move to entirely new models. Bring your opinions and ideas to the forum.

Cataloging and Classification Section Forum

The CCS Forum will take place on Friday, January 23, 4–5:30 pm in the Colorado Convention Center, Korbel Ballroom 3C. The program is titled “FRBR and RDA: a Glimpse into the Future of Cataloging and Public Displays.” Four speakers will address how RDA and the FRBRized catalog will better support user tasks and streamline the cataloging environment. The panel will discuss research on the next generation of cataloging and the experiments with the next-generation ILS/OPACs.

The speakers are:

  • Barbara Tillett, Chief of the Cataloging Policy and Support Office, Library of Congress
  • Diane Vizine-Goetz, Senior Research Scientist, OCLC
  • Roland McDonald (Indiana University) and Marshall Breeding (Vanderbilt University): OLE project
  • Jon Espley, Principal Librarian, VTLS

Collection Management and Development Section Forum

The CMDS Forum will take place on Sunday, January 25, 4–5:30 pm in the Grand Hyatt Denver, Maroon Peak. The forum topic is “Collecting Free Web Resources,” and is an in-person continuation of November's lively ALCTS e-Forum.

E-serials Holdings: Whether, Why, and How? The Continuing Resources Section Committee on Holdings Information Forum

This CRS Committee on Holdings Information Forum will take place on Saturday, January 24, 4–5:30 pm in the Colorado Convention Center, Room 301.

Unlike in the print world, libraries are no longer the sole suppliers of the holdings data for electronic serials. There are many players involved. Distinguished panelists will address such issues as: Who has the data? Who provides e-content coverage? Who needs and uses the data? How and in what format is the data exchanged among players and to the library users? What is the role of e-serials holdings in the ERM, ILS, Link resolving or resources sharing systems? Contact Julie Su for more information.

The panelists are:

  • Rebecca Gunther, Network Development and MARC Standards Office, Library of Congress
  • Peter McCraken, SerialsSolutions
  • Heather Staines, Springer Science and Business Media
  • An OCLC representative (TBA)

Continuing Resources Section Standards Update Forum

The Continuing Resources Standards Update Forum presents the latest news on developments affecting serials management. The 2009 Midwinter Forum will feature Peter McCracken, co-chair of the Knowledge Bases and Related Tools (KBART) working group of the UKSG and NISO, and Ted Koppel, co-chair of the Cost of Resource Exchange (CORE) NISO working group. The KBART seeks to improve the transfer of quality information to support OpenURL, and CORE defines a protocol for machine-to-machine transfer of financial information between Integrated Library Systems and Electronic Resource Management Systems. Both initiatives will help libraries manage resources more effectively from purchase to access.

The session is presented by the ALA ALCTS Continuing Resources Section, Continuing Resources Standards Committee and generously sponsored by Swets. The forum will take place on Sunday, January 25, 10:30 am–12 pm, in the Colorado Convention Center, Room 108. Contact Morag Boyd mailto:boyd402@osu.edu for more information.

Continuing Resources Section Cataloging Committee Update Forum

The Continuing Resources Section’s Continuing Resources Cataloging Committee (CRCC) Forum will hold its semiannual Monday Forum on Monday, January 26, 1:30-3:30 pm in the Colorado Convention Center, Korbel Ballroom 3C.

The forum will include updates on current news and events from:

  • CONSER Coordinator Les Hawkins
  • Regina Romano Reynolds, Head, National Serials Data Program
  • Jennifer Lang, CRS Liaison to CC:DA

The updates will be followed by a special program “Working with Vendor-Supplied Records,” a joint presentation by Peter McCracken, Co-Founder and Director of Research at Serials Solutions and Steven Shadle, Serials Access Librarian, University of Washington.

Preservation and Reformatting Section Forum

The PARS Forum, "Iowa Libraries Recover and Thrive in the Aftermath of the June 2008 Midwest Flooding," will take place on Sunday, January 25, 4–5:30 pm in the Colorado Convention Center, Room 702. Several weeks of severe weather caused rivers to breach their banks and levees, reservoirs to overflow, and inundated towns with flooding in several Midwestern states, including Iowa. The June flooding devastated corn and soybean crops, closed major highways, halted barge traffic, and forced evacuations. Nancy Baker, Director, and Nancy Kraft, Preservation Librarian, from University of Iowa Libraries will discuss how they coped with the flooding to salvage library and archival materials at their institution. Contact Jeanann (Croft) Haas for more information.

Publisher-Vendor Library Relations Forum

The PVLR Forum will take place on Monday, January 26, 8–10 am in the Colorado Convention Center, Room 301. The forum is titled “Who's at the Wheel? What We've Learned about Patron-driven Collection Development.”

Patron-driven selection is no longer an experiment, and has become an important part of the collection development programs at many academic libraries, for both print and electronic titles. It is a component of some vendors’ business strategy. It is also a development about which publishers should know more.

Please join our panelists as they describe their own experience and view points regarding patron-driven selection. The panelists will engage in a discussion with one another and the audience on this new turn for collection development.

Steven Bosch, University of Arizona, will serve as moderator. He will be joined by the following panelists:

  • Jim Dooley, Head, Collection Services, University of California, Merced
  • Jared Ingersoll, Head of Collection Development, Central Library, Vanderbilt University
  • Rick Lugg, Partner, R2 Consulting
  • Kari Paulson, President, eBook Library
  • Peter Spitzform, Collection Development Librarian, University of Vermont
  • Lynn Wiley, Acquisitions Librarian, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Resource Description and Access Update Forum

The Resource Description and Access ( RDA) Update Forum will take place on Sunday, January 25, 10:30 am–12:30 pm in the Colorado Convention Center, Korbel Ballroom 3C. The full draft of RDA is now available, and those interested in learning more on this topic are strongly encouraged to attend.

Interest Group Topics

ALCTS CCS/MAGERT Cartographic Resources Cataloging Interest Group

The Library of Congress made an announcement in fall 2008 that they will begin working on form/genre terms for cartographic materials. The Interest Group will discuss the types of terms that would like to see. The group will meet on Sunday, January 25, 8–10 am, Sheraton Denver, Tower Court B.

Catalog Management Interest Group

The Catalog Management Interest Group invites you to come and participate in a lively discussion on emerging issues in catalog management. The group will meet on Saturday, January 24, 1:30–3:30 pm in The Curtis, Keep-Away Room.

Issues and speakers include:

  • Joshua P. Barton, Serials Cataloging Librarian/Bibliographer for Philosophy, Michigan State University Libraries on “The Merger of the Catalogs of the Michigan State University Libraries and the Library of Michigan.” In the 1990s, Michigan State University Libraries and the Library of Michigan merged their catalogs into one central catalog. This presentation will review the creation of the shared catalog, some of the special catalog needs of each institution, particular challenges faced in keeping a shared catalog, and how these challenges have been addressed.
  • Annie Wu and Anne Mitchell, University of Houston Libraries on “E-Books: Cataloging, Access and Maintenance.” This presentation will discuss criteria used to determine the University of Houston’s approach to cataloging electronic book collections, with a focus on various issues raised by vendor-supplied records, solutions to these issues, and workflow for batch cataloging e-books using MarcEdit. Also included will be e-book cataloging maintenance work and recommendations to vendors. Contact Melissa De Fino mdefno@rci.rutgers.edu for more information.

Automated Acquisitions In-Process/Control Systems Interest Group

Join the discussion on Sunday, January 25 from 10:30 am to 12 pm in room 110 of the convention center. The topic is Tech Services Workflows using Book Vendor Systems. Over the past decade, library vendors have developed beyond being a mere supplier of books, while at the same time library technical services resources have diminished. Academic librarians from several institutions will discuss how they have developed innovative workflows using vendor services to manage the collection and acquisitions processes in their libraries. For more information, contact Michael Zeoli.

Authority Control Interest Group

The Authority Control Interest Group will meet on Sunday, January 25, 1:30–5 pm in the Grand Hyatt Denver, Mount Sopris Room. The first portion of the meeting will consist of updates and Presentations, followed by a business meeting that is open to all interested individuals.

Representatives from the Library of Congress, Library and Archives Canada, OCLC, and the RDA/MARC Working Group will give updates on the developments impacting authority control. Discussion time will be provided to allow audience input into the RDA/MARC Working Group development. A special presentation on the OCLC Next Generation Catalog will illustrate how technology changes may impact the future of authority control.

Cataloging Norms Interest Group

The Cataloging Norms Interest Group will meet on Saturday, January 24, 1:30–3:30 pm in the Colorado Convention Center, Room 703. The first part of the meeting will be devoted to metadata uses and features four presentations.

Jin Ma, Catalog/Metadata Librarian, City University of New York (CUNY) will give a presentation titled “Metadata in ARL Libraries.” The presentation will assess the current metadata practices and trends in ARL (Association of Research Libraries) libraries, based on the survey "Metadata" conducted in spring 2007 (SPEC Kit 298: Metadata), a collaborative effort with the staff at the Association of Research Libraries.

Ms. Ma will give an overview of her findings of metadata implementation in ARL member libraries: what kinds of projects/initiatives have been undertaken, what types of digital objects are associated with metadata, what schemas and tools are used to create metadata, how to ensure metadata quality and interoperability, who are creating metadata, what skills metadata staff need and how they acquire those skills, and the organizational changes and challenges resulting from the adoption of metadata.

The speaker will discuss her observations of the findings and the main themes emerged from the metadata practices in libraries. She will also identify the roles and responsibilities of catalogers in metadata implementation and the implications of metadata practices for the cataloging divisions, technical services, and the libraries.

Myung-Ja Han, Metadata Librarian, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Christine Cho, MSLIS, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign will present “How to improve interoperability of Unique Metadata Fields for Special Collections.”

In recent years, many libraries have created digital collections derived from their special collections, rare book collections and archives, in order to provide greater access to these hidden resources. The items in these digital collections need unique metadata fields that play an essential role in managing and describing “special resources,” and which provide rich contextual information in native environment. CONTENTdm, one of the most widely used digital resource management tools, gives flexibility to its users to create and use such unique field names. However when the metadata is exported through OAI-PMH to service providers, these locally created field names are mapped to simple Dublin Core elements that cannot fully describe what the local elements originally intended to describe.

Researchers analyzed twenty-one digital collections from fifteen institutions that are created with CONTENTdm to see what kind of unique fields are used for special collections and how these fields are represented in service providers' environments. This presentation will provide common characteristics of these unique metadata fields for the special collections and best practices for creating and mapping special collections metadata using CONTENTdm.

The presentations will be followed by fifteen minutes for questions/discussion. A short break will precede the remaining two presentations.

The second part of the meeting will address “Next Generation Cataloging, Standards and Quality.”

Yin Zhang, Kent State University and Athena Salaba, Kent State University will give a presentation titled “FRBRizing Legacy Data: Issues and Challenges.” They will report on and discuss the issues and challenges they faced when applying the OCLC Work-Set Algorithm to FRBRize the Library of Congress collection. The presentation will cover: (1) how existing MARC records were used to identify FRBR work entities, (2) what issues and challenges the process involved, and (3) what was done to address those issues and challenges.

Magda El-Sherbini, Ohio State University Libraries will then address “Cataloging Quality: Problems and Potential solutions.” Cataloging and providing bibliographic control has recently been the center of several important discussions. Many of these discussions seem to focus on the practical aspects of costs, staffing and training of new staff. They also address the broader question of the need to follow cataloging standards.

Libraries are raising the question of what services they should provide to users and what role libraries can play in providing bibliographic access without diminishing the value of the catalog. This presentation will contribute to this discussion by revisiting the question of the cataloging standards, and offering alternative approaches and ideas to cataloging. It will discuss innovative staffing solutions that can reduce the cost of cataloging and help overcome the problem of staffing and staff training.

Both presentations will be followed by fifteen minutes for questions/wrap up. Contact co-chairs Adrienne A. Aluzzo and Birdie MacLennan for information.

Collection Development Librarians of Academic Libraries Interest Group

The ALCTS Collection Development in Academic Libraries Discussion Group, in conjunction with the ALCTS CMDS Collection Development and Electronic Resources Committee, will to hold a meeting on Saturday, January 24, 1:30–3 pm, in the Curtis, Peek-A-Boo Room, to discuss issues raised at the 2008 Charleston Conference, highlighting the treatment and handling of and challenges with electronic resources in academic libraries. Contact Julia Gelfand, Convener/Chair of ALCTS Collection Development in Academic Libraries Discussion Group.

CMDS/RUSA CODES Collection Management and Development in Public Libraries Interest Group

The Collection Management in Public Libraries Interest Group is meeting on Monday, January 26, 10:30 am–12 pm in the Colorado Convention Center, Room 703, to discuss current topics of interest in collection development. Contact Melissa DeWild for more information.

Intellectual Access to Preservation Metadata Interest Group

Join the Intellectual Access to Preservation Metadata Interest Group for “An Introduction to Preservation Metadata and the PREMIS Data Dictionary.” The group will meet on Saturday, January 24, 8–10 am, in the Sheraton Denver, Gold Room.

Rebecca S. Guenther, Senior Networking and Standards Specialist, Network Development and MARC Standards Office, Library of Congress, will present a one-hour program on preservation metadata and the PREMIS Data Dictionary. Preservation metadata supports the digital preservation process. The PREMIS Data Dictionary is an internationally recognized resource for developing and implementing preservation metadata in preservation repositories. This session will introduce the goals and features of the PREMIS Data Dictionary, as well as the work of the PREMIS Maintenance Activity. The interest group's regular business meeting will begin at 9 am. Contact Randy Roeder for more information.

Networked Resources and Metadata Interest Group

NRMIG will hold a discussion on taxonomy development on Sunday, January 25, 8–10 am, in the Colorado Convention Center, Korbel Ballroom 4F. The discussion will be led by Laura Dorricott, Project Delivery Manager of Taxonomy Services for Dow Jones Client Solutions. Attendees are invited to participate in the discussion, and to stay afterwards for the business portion of the NRMIG meeting. Contact Erin Stahlberg for more information.

Preservation Administration Interest Group

The Preservation Administration Interest Group (PAIG) will meet on Saturday, January 24, 8 am–12 pm at the Denver Marriott City Center, Colorado Ballroom G-J. This meeting replaces the former Preservation Administrator's Discussion Group (PADG). The session will include a discussion of analog and digital preservation topics, updates on PARS business and the PARS reorganization, and a poster session on a variety of preservation projects. Contact PAIG co-chairs Patricia Morris and Jacob Nadal for more information.

Scholarly Communications Interest Group

The ALCTS Scholarly Communications Interest Group will meet on Monday, January 26, 1:30–3:30 pm, in the Colorado Convention Center, Room 206. Ann J. Wolpert, Director of Libraries, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Chair of the Board of MIT Press, which is widely recognized for innovation in electronic publishing, will speak at the meeting. Ms. Wolpert will discuss the changing nature of scholarly communication, what MIT has done in this area, its renowned repository, its efforts in the area of education and outreach to faculty, and how to position libraries for the twenty-first century.

Please join us for what promises to be an engaging and informative discussion of scholarly communication trends and initiatives. This is a unique opportunity to explore the vision of someone who is at the forefront of innovation and change in the realm of scholarly communication. Contact Brian Quinn for more information.

Workflow Efficiency Discussion Group

The Technical Services Workflow Efficiency Interest Group invites those individuals involved in all aspects of technical services to this forum for a discussion of techniques, developments, and challenges associated with the evaluation, selection, acquisition, and discovery of library materials and resources. Librarians, materials vendors, ILS vendors, publishers, and other interested parties are welcome to attend this discussion that will focus on patron-initiated acquisitions.

The group will meet on Monday, January 26, 1:30–3:30 pm, at the Crowne Plaza City Center, Altitude Room. Contact Catherine Grove for more information.