IFLA Reports from the 2008 World Library and Information Conference

IFLA Reports: Part II

Ed.’s Note: This is Part II of IFLA Reports from the 2008 World Library and Information Conference, Québec, Canada, August 10-14, 2008.

Preservation and Conservation Section

Jeanne Drewes, Library of Congress

Highlights from the Section meetings:

1. The new IFLA Statues and Rules of Procedure were adopted and will enable the implementation of a renewed professional structure for IFLA. Details should be posted on IFLANET shortly. Five new Divisions were created (I - Library Types, II - Library Collections, III - Library Services, IV - Support of the Profession and V – Regions) with Preservation and Conservation being in Division II, and Special Interest Groups will be created from some former Discussion Groups. The Core Activities have been aligned with four of the five Divisions with close liaison being an expectation. PAC and P&C have historically had a close relationship.

2. Calls for nominations for the SC members for all Sections for the period 2009-13 will be issued in October 2008. Calls for nomination for chairs of the five new Divisions for 2009-2011 will be issued in October 2008. The submission deadline for both will be February 2009. The Section officers whose terms expire in 2009 are eligible to be nominated for chair of a Division in which their section belongs. All results will be processed by IFLA HQ in Feb/March 2009.

3. Plans for the new IFLA website – the site will have a new design that has Web 2.0, features, is more intuitive and visually appealing with a higher profile for marketing and promotion, and a new content management system that will allow sections to more easily communicate, and add and change content. The new site should be available in January 2009. Training for the information coordinators will take place this fall. On the home page, very active sections will be denoted in bright green.

Programs: Sponsored by the P&C and IT Sections, as well as PAC and IFLA-CDNL, the four-hour program was rich featuring ten speakers on the theme of Digital Preservation and was held on August 11. The program was well attended with an audience of 245. Collectively, the papers represented a state of the art re digital preservation and reflected a range of activities and perspectives. See IFLA's website for more information on the programs including blogs, and pictures.

The satellite meeting was held in Ottawa on August 6-8, “Preserving Cultural Heritage into the 21st Century: Current perspectives and new directions,” sponsored by IFLA P&C Section, IFLA Newspaper Section, IFLA-PAC with Library and Archives Canada (LAC) and Canadian Conservation Institute (CCI). Attended by fifty-five participants, the preconference covered national preservation models, preservation models and developments, risk management models and tools, and preservation and access opportunities and challenges. Twenty-one presentations were given over the two and half days, as well as tours of LAC and CCI. The quality of the papers was high and the juxtaposition of initiatives from various countries worked well. Of note was the use of interactive technology as part of a risk assessment exercise. The sponsorship of Lac and CCI, as well as the support of private sector trade fair vendors enabled a high quality meeting and, in particular PTLP support was exceptional for funding a travel grant, as well as a reception and tour.

G. Gonzalez from Cuba, the recipient of the PTLP IFLA 2008 Ottawa satellite meeting grant, will prepare a report for the newsletter that will be translated into Spanish for Cuban distribution.

Report on the IFLA P&C SC Interim Meeting in Lausanne, March 2008

The interim P&C meeting that was scheduled to coincide with the COSADOCA workshop on RFID and disaster response on March 26 and 27, 2008 in Switzerland. Speakers gave presentations on RFID technology and how it might be used to support disaster management. There was a round table discussion on disaster response, and the last part of the workshop, consisted of training at Gollion to help prepare people for the reality of disaster situations.

The COSADOCA disaster training video will also be posted on the COSADOCA website.

The Future of the Database “First Do No Harm”

The IFLA webmaster agreed that the conservation database can be hosted by IFLA and made available on IFLANET. This work will follow later in the year after the launch of the main new ILFA site in early 2009.

P&C Programme, Milan 2009

A PA four-hour joint session is being planned with the working title “Dispersed Cultural Heritage: Preservation and Access.”

P&C Programme, Brisbane, Australia 2010

The P&C program will be done jointly with IFLA-PAC and the preservation topic is climate change, environment and sustainability.

Liaison Status – CEN

The CEN/TC 346 (European Committee for Standardization/ Technical Committee) - Conservation of Cultural Property whose goal it is to establish a suite a conservation standards. ICOM-CC and IIC has requested liaison status and it was agreed that IFLA P&C Section should seek liaison status with CEN/TC 346

Emergency Film from Russian National Library has been created and will be available.

Section Committee members were urged to submit their stories to IFLA. There will a focus next year in Milan on advocacy training organized by the American Library Association.

Report from the IFLA-PAC Core Activity

Christine Baryla updated the committee on PAC activities and projects as follows:

  • There is a new PAC centre in Kazakhstan.
  • Discussions are ongoing re the establishment of a PAC centre in Seoul, Korea.
  • French-language preservation training is being planned for December 2008 in Porto Novo in Benin, sponsored by IFLA-ALP.
  • A new PAC director for Southern Africa is being sought due to a recent retirement.
  • A suite of four disaster planning conferences, Air/Water/Fire/Earth, is being planned for 2009. Air is scheduled for March 2009 at the Bibliotheque nationale de France and Water is scheduled for Prague, Poland in May, 2009. Fire and Earth are to be determined.
  • The new issue of IPN (International Preservation News) is on Safety of Collections, and the next issue will be devoted to audio-visual collections. Paper is the theme for the Spring 2009 issue. IPN is freely available from the IFLA website.