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NISO/DAISY Digital Talking Book Standard Revision

National Information Standards Organization (NISO) members have approved a project to revise the Specifications for the Digital Talking Book (ANSI/NISO Z39.86). A working group is now being formed and interested parties are sought. Individuals interested in joining the working group may Karen Wetzel, NISO’s Standards Program Manager at Find information on the standard online.

New Chair, Vice Chair and Directors Elected

The NISO membership elected new leadership for the 2008–2009 terms which began on July 1, 2008. Oliver Pesch has been elected to serve as Chair of the NISO Board of Directors. Read the press release.

New Interactive Data Dictionary

NISO has posted a new web version of the American National Standard Z39.7-2004, Information Services and Use: Metrics & Statistics for Libraries and Information Providers— Data Dictionary. Comments and feedback are welcome. NISO committees have updated and upgraded the standard several times since it was first published in 1968. Find more information online.

Collaboration in the Digital Age Webcast

On June 24 and 25, 2008, 230 museum, library, and archive professionals met in Denver to participate in “Collaboration in the Digital Age,” a forum sponsored by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) in partnership with Heritage Preservation. The forum’s program is available via webcast.

LC Cataloging Policy and Support Office's Genre/Form Report

The Cataloging Policy and Support Office (CPSO) of the Library of Congress initiated a project to create authority records for genre/form headings (MARC tag 155) in 2007. The first phase of the project addressed moving images (films, television programs, and video recordings), and was accomplished in cooperation with the Moving Image, Broadcasting, and Recorded Sound Division (MBRS). The first seventy moving image genre/form authority records (MARC tag 155) were approved in September 2007, and there are currently almost 400 headings available for use.

The second project undertaken, also in cooperation with MBRS, was to create radio program genre/form headings. The first of these authority records was approved in May 2008. Find the report online.

New Tech Services Blogs

Blog for Library Technology

The University of Michigan Library has debuted BLT, or Blog for Library Technology. The blog will discuss technological innovations under development at the library.

Blog on Authority Control

Lois Reibach has launched Collocate and Disambiguate, a new blog on authority control. Reibach notes that the focus is on news and trends in authority control and new uses of authority data. The blog will also address developments in controlled vocabularies.

CPSO’s Genre/Form Report

In 2007, the Library of Congress’ Cataloging Policy and Support Office (CPSO) began a project to create authority records for genre/form headings (MARC tag 155). Moving images (films, television programs, and video recordings) were addressed, and the project was handled in cooperation with the Moving Image, Broadcasting, and Recorded Sound Division (MBRS). About seventy genre/form authority records for moving images were approved in September 2007. There are now almost 400 headings available for use.

A second project was undertaken in cooperation with MBRS to create radio program genre/form headings. The first of these authority records was approved in May 2008. CPSO staff members recently presented a report to LC managers.

Google Book Search API Released

Google recently introduced a book search API which allows other sites to embed book previews, query for certain book information, or just link to books at Book Search (the former Google Print). The API has been used by online book vendors, libraries for their integrated library systems, publisher and author sites, and social book sites. Read more about the API online.

OLAC-MOUG 2008 Conference Materials Available

If you were unable to attend the recent OLAC-MOUG Conference in Cleveland, do not despair. Find speaker presentations in the archive.

Calls for Participation

Call for Papers for Publication in Collection Management

The quarterly peer-review journal Collection Management welcomes the submission of papers for review and possible publication. Interested individuals may contact editor Faye Chadwell

Fourth Annual iSchools Conference

The Fourth Annual iSchools Conference brings together scholars and professionals from diverse backgrounds and share interests in working at the nexus of people, information, and technology. The conference celebrates and engages our multidisciplinary efforts to understand the scholarly, educational and engagement dimensions of the iSchool movement. Find additional information online.

Inspiration, Innovation, Celebration: An Entrepreneurial Conference for Librarians

The libraries of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and Wake Forest University are organizing a conference entitled, "Inspiration, Innovation, Celebration: an Entrepreneurial Conference for Librarians.” Find additional information, including the call for proposals, online.

Practicum Opportunities Available at Middle Tennessee State University

The James E. Walker Library at Middle Tennessee State University offers two practicum opportunities for students currently enrolled in library/information programs. Additional information is available online.

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Rovelstad Scholarship in International Librarianship

The Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR) provides a scholarship for a student of library and information science to attend the World Library and Information Congress of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA).

The scholarship is intended to encourage students who have an interest in international library work and enable them to participate in IFLA early in their careers. The 2009 IFLA annual meeting takes place in Milan, Italy, in August. The scholarship is made possible through the generosity of Mathilde and Howard Rovelstad. See the web site for details.

Samuel Lazerow Fellowship

The Samuel Lazerow Fellowship award fosters advances in collections or technical services by providing fellowships to librarians for travel or writing in those fields. Research projects in the compilation of bibliographies will not be supported by this fellowship. The award consists of $1,000 cash and a citation donated by the Thomson Reuters. The submission deadline is December 5, 2008. Find details and more information online.