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From the Editor

Mary Beth Weber, Editor

Annual Offerings and Other News

There are two things that amazed me as I prepared the August issue of ANO, which is (no surprise!) the largest issue of the year:

  1. the amount of time and effort required to coordinate the receipt of reports from interest groups and committees, section chairs, and program reporters. There are more than 150 groups and liaisons who submit reports, and the reports require some degree of formatting and revision.
  2. the tremendous efforts of those who write the reports, including volunteer reporters. The volunteer reporters are not always ALCTS members, and may be potential members or members from other ALA divisions who are interested in an ALCTS program. Everyone who writes a report, either as a chair of a group or a program reporter has made an effort to share valuable information with our association.

The final product may be summed up in a quote made to me by ALCTS Past-President Bruce Chr. Johnson, who likened the process to a ballet, “When all the parts come together, we have a beautiful production.”

I hope all is well with our members and that people are able to use the information provided in the reports and apply it to their work. I am impressed with the diversity of our members and the array of expertise they bring to our association.

In addition to the reports, here are a few highlights from this issue:

In closing, I would like to congratulate my Rutgers colleague Melissa DeFino on being chosen as a 2009 Emerging Leader. She will be sponsored by ALCTS and I wish her much success in this role.