Letters from ALCTS

        pamela bluh, alcts president 2007-2008

From the President

Pamela Bluh, ALCTS President

ALCTS Retrospective

In my first ANO column as president I wrote: “We are at a critical point in our organizational development. The profession is changing and in order to be competitive and relevant in the future, ALCTS must change as well.” This year, the first steps in this process occurred when the ALCTS Board reaffirmed the policy that vests committees with the authority and responsibility to carry out the association’s work. By stressing accountability and empowerment, the environment has been created in which conditions conducive to change flourish and the culture of the association can be re-shaped. The individual silos that have characterized the association’s stratified structure are being replaced with a flexible, horizontal organizational model that highlights accessibility and openness.

As I began preparing this, my last President’s column for ANO, the truism “time flies when you’re having fun” immediately sprung to mind. The year is nearly over—and what a year it has been! In July 2007, we were recalling the excitement of the ALCTS 50th anniversary celebration. During the fall, our attention was focused on the Library of Congress Working Group for the Future of Bibliographic Control (LCWG for short). Winter brought with it the launch of the long-awaited strategic planning database. In the spring of 2008, the results of the membership surveys based on The 7 Measures of Success revealed that ALCTS is a pretty remarkable association!

Over the course of the last twelve months:

  • the recommendations in the LCWG report were analyzed and action items identified which ALCTS is well suited to address
  • an electronic discussion forum— alcts-eforum@ala.org—was launched to provide a platform for short, intense discussion of topics of immediate interest
  • membership is stable
  • the conversion of discussion groups to interest groups enables greater spontaneity in responding to changing industry trends and conditions
  • the development of new web courses and a series of webinars addresses members’ desire to access content locally
  • attention was focused on learning more about the varied ALCTS constituencies and on raising the profile of the sections by highlighting their activities

Your support and enthusiasm made my term as ALCTS president a wonderful, enriching experience. It has been enormously encouraging to participate in the transition to a more nimble, responsive organization. Marvelous colleagues and enduring support from Charles, Julie and Christine made every minute of the past twelve months satisfying. Now, another conference season and a new year are around the corner. I anticipate it will be fun-filled as well as full of new opportunities that move us closer toward the goal of becoming a truly remarkable association.

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