Norm Mederios

My ALCTS Experience: Norm Medeiros

Norm Medeiros, Haverford College

I just finished reading “Reflections on Cataloging Leadership” ( Library Resources and Technical Services 52, no. 2, 2008) which documents the remarkable service and achievements of ALCTS giants Sheila Intner, Janet Swan Hill, Regina Reynolds, and William Garrison. Although my ALCTS experience pales in comparison, throughout the years it has provided me no less personal and professional reward.

I joined ALCTS about ten years ago while working in an academic medical library. My supervisor suggested I get involved with ALCTS since the Medical Library Association did not have as broad an array of technical services’ opportunities. Attending those early ALA conferences, I remember feeling very distant from the inner workings of ALCTS—distant even from the outer workings of it. ALCTS members were all seemingly on a first-name basis, and they threw organizational jargon around ceaselessly. “Big Heads, SAC, CC:DA”—and who exactly was this Charles fellow?

After a couple years of submitting volunteer forms, I was appointed to the Esther J. Piercy Award Jury. My main interest at the time was cataloging, so thereafter I settled into the Cataloging and Classification Section (CCS) path and went on to serve as member and chair of several committees, including four rewarding years as CCS’ representative to LRTS, where I served under the superb leadership of Peggy Johnson; and as a member of the Continuing Education Task Force for LC Action Item 5.3, which afforded an opportunity to work with and learn from some of the best in our field. To this day I remain grateful to Karen Calhoun for appointing me to this group. Currently I serve as chair of the Publications Committee, where again I find myself in amazement of the thoughtfulness, intelligence, and dedication of the ALCTS members and staff with whom I serve. It has been a terrific experience, and I look forward to the opportunities yet to come.