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Midwinter 2008 Meeting Events

The 2008 ALA Midwinter Meeting will take place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania January 11–16, 2008. The following is a listing of events scheduled to take place during the Meeting. Please note that meeting locations have not yet been determined and will be provided in the December issue of ANO. The Midwinter Wiki is available at


ALCTS Symposium: Risk and Entrepreneurship in Libraries

The 2008 ALA ALCTS Midwinter symposium “Risk and Entrepreneurship in Libraries: Seizing Opportunities for Change” will examine the concept of risk taking and entrepreneurship in libraries in general, with a special emphasis on collections and technical services. Speakers from different types of libraries will describe how they have implemented innovative changes and managed their risks.

Confirmed speakers to date include:

  • Marshall Keys (MDA Consulting, former executive director of NELINET, and adjunct faculty member at Simmons' Graduate School of Library and Information Science, where he teaches a course on information entrepreneurship)
  • Rivkah Sass (Director, Omaha Public Library and Library Journal's 2006 Librarian of the year)
  • Mike Carroll (Villanova University School of Law and an authority on Creative Commons licenses)
  • Regina Reynolds (Head, United States ISSN Center at the Library of Congress and a respected authority on contemporary cataloging issues)
  • Scottie Cochrane (Director, Denison College Library, which has created a single collection services unit with its sister institution, Kenyon College).

Advance Registration Fees: (Register by November 30th) ALCTS Member: $199; ALA Member: $249; Non-Member: $299; Student/Retired: $99. Find registration information online.


ALCTS Workshop: Metadata and Digital Library Development

ALCTS will present a workshop in conjunction with the Library of Congress entitled “Metadata and Digital Library Development.” The workshop is on January 9-10, 2008. Find more details on the workshop and registration information online.

This two-day workshop introduces practicing catalogers to metadata implementation considerations and processes in a digital library development context, using an applied, exercise-based context. The goal of the workshop is to prepare attendees to serve as metadata specialists in digital library projects. Topics covered will include: Data and functionality; Metadata conversion and mapping; Creating data workflows; and Digital library development teams.

This workshop is part of the Cataloging for the 21st Century continuing education series, which offers practicing catalogers instruction in bibliographic control practices that will help them continue to play a significant role in shaping library services in the emerging digital information environment.


Acquisitions Section Forum: New Roles for Acquisitions

The ALCTS Acquisitions Section Forum "New Roles for Acquisitions: Selecting and Harvesting for Institutional Repositories" will take place on Monday, January 14, 1:30–3 pm.

Electronic resources have forever altered the nature of work done by acquisitions librarians. Acquisitions librarians have taken on new and more complex roles with each step in the electronic resource movement. They have mastered the review and negotiation of license agreements, the acquisition of electronic journals and books, and, most recently, the maintenance of electronic resource management systems. The ALCTS Acquisitions Section is hosting a forum on the latest transformational change that has taken place in research libraries—the development of institutional repositories.

Karl Debus-López, National Agricultural Library and Trisha Davis, Ohio State University, will give brief presentations on how they have restructured their acquisitions operations to manage the selection and harvesting of content for their institutions' digital repositories. There will be ample time after their presentations for discussion and questions from the audience. We are interested in hearing about how you are absorbing work related to institutional repositories or anything else that is new and different into your libraries.


ALCTS Volunteer Forum

Contribute to the success and vitality of ALCTS while helping yourself grow professionally! Meet and collaborate with motivated colleagues who are focused on the critical issues facing technical services librarianship!

To find out more about the benefits of and possibilities for committee involvement in ALCTS, plan to attend the fifth annual ALCTS Volunteer Forum at the ALA Midwinter Meeting in Philadelphia. The ALCTS Volunteer Forum is sponsored by the ALCTS Leadership Development Committee; forum venue TBA.

This is your chance to hear firsthand from the division appointing officers about the committee appointment process and opportunities for involvement. The presenters include ALCTS President Pamela Bluh and President-Elect Dina Giambi. Past events have included presentations by Chairs-Elect of the Acquisitions, Cataloging and Classification, Collection Management and Development, Preservation and Reformatting, and Serials Sections and the Council of Regional Groups, and the Editor of the ALCTS Newsletter Online ( ANO).

Submit an ALCTS volunteer application online today. For additional information about the forum, contact Heather Moulaison, Volunteer Forum Coordinator, Leadership Development Committee.


ALCTS Publisher - Vendor - Library Relations Interest Group Open Forum

Join PVLR for their Open Forum “Who's Keeping Core?: A Look at Core Book Lists” on Monday, January 14, 2008, 8–10 am. Most librarians would agree that there should be a definable core of essential books. But how many would agree on how to define that core? This forum will explore the tension between the idea of a core and the actual practice of defining one. Core lists prepared by libraries and by others, such as review media, publishers, and vendors will be compared to determine how much overlap exists. The following questions will be raised: Was there, in fact, a definable core? How did the different groups go about defining their own version of “core”?

Please join us as we explore these questions and others, as we examine what has been one of the core beliefs of librarianship. Contact Amy McColl, Chair, PVLR Interest Group, for more information.


Cataloging of Children's Materials Committee

The Cataloging of Children's Materials Committee will meet Sunday, January 13, 1:30–3:30 pm. Members and visitors will discuss ideas for new directions and activities for the committee, with the publication of the 4th edition of Cataloging Correctly for Kids and several major ALA and AASL programs recently completed. For more information, contact Joanna Fountain, the committee chair.


International Relations Committee

Interested in learning more about international issues related to library collections, technical services and standards and ALCTS representation on IFLA Section Standing Committees? Join the ALCTS International Relations Committee (IRC) at its ALA Midwinter meeting on Saturday, January 12, 2008, 10:30 am-12:30 pm. Current ALCTS representatives to IFLA Sections will report on the August 2007 IFLA Conference which was held in Durban, South Africa, and will discuss what the IRC can do to facilitate their activities.


Membership Committee

The ALCTS Membership Committee will be meeting on Sunday, January 13, 2008, 10:30 am–noon.

Highlights of the Committee's agenda are:

  • developing strategies for how ALCTS can best meet the needs of public librarians
  • planning for the ALCTS Membership Booth at ALA Annual
  • expanding outreach to library school students and to law and medical librarians.

The Membership Committee welcomes suggestions for agenda items, questions, and comments. They may be sent to Natalie Sommerville, Membership Committee Chair.

Interest and Discussion Group Topics


ALCTS CCS/MAGERT Cartographic Resources Cataloging Discussion Group

The ALCTS CCS/MAGERT Cartographic Resources Cataloging Discussion Group will be meeting Sunday, January 13, 2008 at 8 am. Please join us in discussions on topics of interest to the cartographic community. For more information, contact Susan Moore, the discussion group chair.


Cataloging and Classification Research Discussion Group

The Cataloging and Classification Research Discussion Group will meet on Saturday, January 12, 10:30 am–noon in Philadelphia. Speakers are invited to discuss current and/or recently completed research in the area of cataloging and classification. Those interested in participating as speakers may contact Robert Ellett, the discussion group chair at (757) 443-6405.


Cataloging Norms Discussion Group

ALCTS CCS Cataloging Norms Discussion Group invites speakers for its meeting at the ALA Midwinter Meeting in Philadelphia, Saturday, January 12, 2008, 1:30–3:30 pm. Presentation topics should be of current interest to catalogers, cataloging managers and administrators.

Possible topics include, but are not limited to: evolution, definition, and functions of the catalog and cataloging norms; emerging concepts and implementations of "next generation catalogs"; RDA; FRBR; cataloging in hybrid and digital libraries; changes in basic cataloging work and catalogers' responsibilities; changes in catalogers' workflows; emerging perceptions of cataloging quality; how end users' expectations and behaviors affect cataloging norms; metadata records and elements in different contexts; and the impact of web norms on cataloging norms from the perspectives of web developers and catalogers.

Presentations should be approximately 15–20 minutes in length. Time will be allowed for questions and answers. Speakers are encouraged to lead discussions.

Send abstracts of proposals to co-chairs Tatiana Barr or Lihong Zhu by October 30, 2007.


Collection Development Issues for the Practitioner Interest Group

The ALCTS/CMDS Collection Development Issues for the Practitioner Interest Group will meet Sunday, January 13, 2008, 1:30–3:30 pm. The group will discuss collection development topics as they affect the individual selector. Topics are yet to be determined, but may include: selection strategies, approval plans, aggregator packages, institutional repositories, cancellation projects, format duplication, electronic books, fund allocations, data gathering, training and mentoring, budgeting, allocation formulas, collection analysis tools, consortial purchasing, collection promotion and outreach, and related issues. For more information, contact Brian Quinn, the interest group chair.


Collection Development Librarians of Academic Libraries Discussion Group

The ALCTS Collection Development Librarians of Academic Libraries Discussion Group provides a lively forum for conversation and exchange of ideas on topics related to all aspects of collection development and management in academic libraries. Topics are chosen by consensus by participants before the meeting date. Please discussion group chair Debi Smith with any topics you may wish to have discussed. Join us at Midwinter 2008 on January 12, 1:30–3:30 pm.


Copy Cataloging Discussion Group

The ALCTS Copy Cataloging Discussion Group (CCDG) is a forum to discuss copy cataloging in terms of standards, procedures, workflows, problems, and the discovery of library materials. The Midwinter topic is “Copy Cataloging from Different Perspectives: Public, Academic, and Research Libraries.” Following the presentations, the audience will have an opportunity to ask questions on copy cataloging workflows in academic versus public libraries. The CCDG will meet on Monday, at 10:30 am, immediately following the meeting of the Cataloging Management Discussion Group. For more information, contact Isabella Marqués de Castilla, the discussion group chair.


Electronic Resources Interest Group

The topic for the Midwinter meeting of the Electronic Resources Interest Group is “Making E-Resources Management More Manageable: RECORDS.”

Central to the workflows and management of e-resources are bibliographic records. While there is now a general, well-established workflow for e-journals, which are for a large part represented by standard CONSER records in most systems such as Serials Solutions & SFX, the same is not true for e-monographs and integrating resources (databases). Proposals have been made to guide the creation of records for e-monographs by publishers and vendors. There are also proposals in the making for a provider neutral IR-record. Where are we? What are publishers and vendors doing in this area? After all, source and quality of records impact our decisions, workflows, and management of e-resources.

For more information, contact Luiz Mendes, Chair, at or Jennifer Lang, Vice-Chair.


Heads of Cataloging Discussion Group

The ALCTS CCS Heads of Cataloging Discussion Group will meet on Monday, January 14, 8–10 am during the ALA Midwinter Meeting in Philadelphia. In addition to discussing topics of current interest, the Group offers an opportunity to share vacancy announcements with audience members.

The meeting topic is: “Interaction—How Do Cataloging Departments Cooperate with Other Departments in the Library?” Speakers representing various types of libraries will discuss internal cooperation, and the impact the cataloging department’s activities have on the work and functions of other departments in the library (Acquisitions, Circulation, ILL, Reference, Systems).

If you would like to submit a presentation proposal, or to request more information about the program, please contact Marlena Frackowski (Chair), or Dustin Larmore (Vice Chair/Chair Elect).


Networked Resources and Metadata Interest Group

The ALCTS NRMIG Networked Resources and Metadata Interest Group welcomes proposals for informal presentations at its meeting during the ALA Midwinter Conference in Philadelphia on Sunday, January 20, 2008, 8–10 am. Presentations and discussion topics should focus on current practices, tools, or research affecting networked resources and metadata.

Possible topics include, but are not limited to: best practices; metadata schemas, content standards, and controlled vocabularies; crosswalking and interoperability; metadata harvesting; search engines; metadata display and user interfaces; technical and preservation metadata; visual resources metadata; institutional repository metadata.

Presentations should be roughly 15–25 minutes in length. There will be an opportunity for general discussion following each presentation. To submit a proposal, please send Erin Stalberg or Joanna Burgess a brief description of your proposed topic.


Out of Print Discussion Group

The Out of Print Discussion Group will discuss "How to Run a Successful Library Book Sale." Come and join in a discussion about how some of the best library book sales in the country manage to create a fun and profitable book sale. Discussion will range from how to manage donations and tax deductions for donors to how to manage the book sale in an era of scanners and online book dealers. Book sales are also a great way to celebrate book. Of particular importance will be discussion about how to use the sale to create goodwill for the library in the community. For more information, contact John Riley, the discussion group chair.


PARS Preservation Issues in Small to Mid-sized Libraries Discussion Group

The PARS Small to Mid-sized Discussion Group will meet on Sunday, January 13, 2008, 1:30–3:30 pm. The group will discuss preservation issues that affect small to mid-sized libraries. Participants will be allowed up to five minutes to present a question to the group for open discussion, regarding preservation issues in their libraries. This meeting will also try to identify a specific topic for in-depth discussion at annual conference. For more information, contact Scott Reinke, the discussion group chair.


Scholarly Communications Interest Group

The ALCTS Scholarly Communications Interest Group will meet on Monday, January 14, 2008, 1:30–3:30 pm during the 2008 ALA Midwinter Meeting. Please come and be part of the lively discussion on current topics in Scholarly Communications. For more information, contact Cynthia H. Krolikowski, the interest group chair.


Workflow Efficiency Discussion Group

The Workflow Efficiency Discussion Group (formerly the Pre-Order and Pre-Catalog Searching Discussion Group) provides a forum to discuss and analyze techniques, new developments, problems and technological advances in the workflows associated with the evaluation, selection, acquisition and discovery of library materials and resources.

Interested participants will be allowed up to five minutes to present a question or challenge related to workflows for a lively discussion among other group members. Librarians, materials vendors, ILS vendors, publishers, and other interested parties are invited to attend what will truly be a discussion group, focused on sharing library workflow challenges and the strategies that can be used to improve them.

Those interested in participating may contact Bob Schatz, the discussion group chair, 1-800-263-1686.