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CRS Happenings

Daisy Waters, Chair, ALCTS Continuing Resources Section

CRS committees are geared up and ready to start plans for the year. Working within the framework of the ALCTS Strategic Plan 2006–2011, members will receive assistance from the CRS Policy and Planning Committee to ensure that their goals are aligned to the larger organization, section and across committees. Committees will also receive assistance from Members-At-Large, and representatives.

Recent reports from committee chairs give a glimpse of what is happening:

Policy and Planning (Marilyn Geller, Chair)

The CRS Policy and Planning Committee have written a detailed document with guidelines to assist committees with planning. Geller states:

The Continuing Resources Policy and Planning Committee has reviewed the strategic plan and created this document to help each unit within the section achieve these ends. We ask that you and your committee or group read the materials provided and create a list of objectives and action items that will help achieve goals enumerated in the Strategic Plan. To help guide you through this process and to answer questions, a representative of the Policy and Planning Committee will attend your meeting during ALA Midwinter.

Acquisitions (Gary Ives, Chair)

Co-sponsor 2008 annual pre-conference "Electronic Resources 101" also, 2008 program tentatively titled "Jumping the Fence: Merging Print and Electronic Serial Workflows."

CSA/Ulrich's Serials Librarianship Award (Dana Walker, Chair)

Call for CSA/Ulrich's Serials Librarianship Award nominations have begun with a deadline of December 1, 2007.

Committee on Holdings Information (Myrtle Myers, Chair)

Formerly called Union Lists, this committee is working to complete a resource list for the web site.

Continuing Resources (Anna Ashikhmina, Chair)

CRCC plans to hold two update forums: one at Midwinter and one at Annual. In addition, the CRCC RDA Task Force will continue to participate in RDA discussion by reading drafts and supplying comments to CC:DA through the CRS representative.

Education (Virginia Taffurelli, Chair)

Education will co-sponsor a pre-conference for June 2008 entitled "Electronic Resources 101" and will co-sponsor a program on print serial preservation for June 2009.

First Step Award (Lori Kappmeyer, Chair)

A call for the "First Step Award -- Wiley Professional Development Grant” nominations have been issued, with a deadline of December 1, 2007.

Nominating Committee (Karen Darling, Chair)

The committee is working to provide nominees for the election slate.

Research and Publication (Sion Romaine, Chair)

Currently reviewing two documents submitted by the Education Committee: Syllabus for Serials Management (Print and Electronic) Final Draft (6-21-07), and the Syllabus for Serials Preservation and Archiving. Upon completion of review, these documents will be forwarded to the CRS Executive Committee for approval.

Serials Standards (Jacqueline Samples, Chair)

There will be a Serials Standards Update Forum at Annual 2008 and a mini version of the Update Forum at Midwinter.

The CRS Executive Board looks forward to assisting and working with the various committees.