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On the Dues Increase:
A Letter from ALCTS President Pamela Bluh

September 14, 2007

Dear Colleagues:

Earlier this year, following a recommendation from the Budget and Finance Committee, the ALCTS Board voted to increase membership dues by $10 a year. Effective September 1, 2007 personal dues will be $65 and institutional dues will be $75.

Ninety percent of ALCTS’ revenues are derived from three sources: membership dues, publications, and continuing education programming. Membership dues provide 45 percent of the revenue while publications and continuing education together account for another 45 percent. The remaining 10 percent consists of income from royalties and donations which varies a great deal from year to year. Income from dues is used entirely to support administrative services and the general operations of the association, whereas revenue from publications and continuing education support development and expenses for those areas.

The decision to raise dues was based on a detailed analysis of revenues and expenditures and on an expected 3 percent increase in administrative costs over the next three years. The additional funds generated by the dues increase will be earmarked, first and foremost to offset inflation and support the association’s administrative services. They will also be used to establish a solid foundation for new initiatives and project development in support of the strategic plan.

Timely, targeted, affordable continuing education is the highest priority for ALCTS members and the FY2008 budget reflects this emphasis and commitment. The Education Committee is hard at work to fast-track new courses using up-to-date delivery mechanisms. Seminars, symposia, workshops, programs and publications are in development. By renewing your membership, you will guarantee the association’s fiscal health and enable us to explore and develop the entrepreneurial and creative ideas the members expect.

I know that there is stiff competition for your membership dollars, so when you receive your 2008 membership renewal, I hope you will choose ALCTS. In order for ALCTS to provide high quality member services and flourish as the “dynamic leader and authority for principles, standards, best practices, continuing education, and new developments in the selection, management, and preservation of all information resources” your membership is vital.

With thanks for your continued support,



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