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pamela bluh, alcts president 2007-2008

From the President

Pamela Bluh, ALCTS President

The Continuum of Change

Halloween is nearly here, the room reservation deadline for Midwinter has come and gone and reservations for Annual have been announced (the deadline is November 9). After a low-key summer, we are now in full fall mode!

During our discussion on leadership and change at the ALCTS Board of Directors meeting last June, I mentioned a little book called Our Iceberg is Melting by John Kotter and Holger Rathgeber (St. Martin’s Press, 2006). The authors, distinguished management consultants, created a fable to illustrate the stages of organizational change in which the characters come to grips with and finally embrace the need for change.

They developed a straightforward “Eight Step Process of Successful Change” (p. 130–31). If you read the book (it will not take long), you will realize that ALCTS has already embarked on what I call “the continuum of change.” We are at a critical point in our history. In order to be effective and relevant in the years to come, it is essential that we examine our current structure, develop new channels of communication, and vest our leaders with the responsibility, and concomitant authority, to move the organization forward.

An energetic, dedicated leadership team is poised to develop the vision embodied in the ALCTS Strategic Plan. The Organization & Bylaws Committee (O&B) is reviewing the association’s structure to determine how we should look, organizationally, to meet—and anticipate—the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s members. The Leadership Development, Education, Membership, Program and Publications Committees are developing an array of educational opportunities using a variety of technologies and exploring ways to make ALCTS more relevant to its diverse constituents. I have asked the section chairs and all the division level committee chairs to develop an outline of annual activities and to provide the ALCTS Executive Committee with regular quarterly status reports. This oversight will strengthen our structure and allow us to keep the focus on planning and implementation.

Recently I alerted you to the increase in personal and institutional dues. (See On the Dues Increase: A Letter from ALCTS President Pamela Bluh.) The additional revenue generated by the dues increase will support the association’s administrative operations, allow us to expand the continuing education, programs and publications our members desire, and provide seed money for entrepreneurial initiatives. Your continued financial support is essential in order for ALCTS to thrive organizationally and programmatically, and to continue to advance along the continuum of change.

While I am often impatient to see progress, I realize that effective change takes time (and sometimes we are at the mercy of external influences over which we have little or no control). Nevertheless, I am optimistic that in the next few months the framework of a new organizational structure and culture will begin to emerge.

I look forward to receiving your comments.

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