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mary beth weber, newsletter editor

From the Editor

Mary Beth Weber, Editor

Moving Forward

October means a number of things to various people. It can signal that one’s kids have made it through one month of being back at school. It can mean that Halloween, Thanksgiving and the December holidays are on the way, and that the year will be over soon. It also means that we are preparing for the Midwinter Meeting in Philadelphia. This issue of ANO contains a preliminary listing of Midwinter meeting events, including discussion and interest group topics. Please note at this time that room assignments for Midwinter have not been finalized, and that information is not available at this time. Program descriptions in this issue will note day and time, and room assignments will be provided in the December issue of ANO. Additionally, the Midwinter Wiki is available at http://wikis.ala.org/midwinter2008/ to assist with your conference planning.

Here are highlights from this issue:

I extend thanks to those individuals who contributed to this issue, and welcome your submissions and suggestions for future issues.

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