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pamela bluh, alcts president 2007-08

From the President

Pamela Bluh, ALCTS President


Several months ago, I was fortunate to attend a leadership seminar sponsored by the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE). It was an eye-opening experience. The organization and pace of the seminar were amazing. The content was thought-provoking and challenging. I was energized and wondered how I might relate what I learned to ALCTS.

An opportunity presented itself in June when the ALCTS Board engaged in a conversation about the responsibilities of leadership and discussed how changes, both organizational and cultural, would be needed to prepare us to tackle the ambitious goals we have identified. Reinforcing the authority and responsibility of the division committees re-establishes their accountability. Populating the planning database with action items enhances the association’s visibility and raises expectations. Simultaneously, resources both fiscal and human, are being allocated so those expectations can be met. If we fail to honor our commitments, our credibility is shattered, our resources will have been squandered, and our goals go unfulfilled.

We are at a critical point in our organizational development. The profession is changing and in order to be competitive and relevant in the future, ALCTS must change as well. We have just celebrated a significant milestone in the association’s history. Now it is time to position ALCTS to meet the challenges of the next fifty years! I believe that by working together we can “encourage integrity, innovation, creativity, risk taking, and entrepreneurship. We can eliminate bureaucracy, encourage responsiveness, and not tolerate mediocrity. We can passionately search out new and better ways of doing things. And we can learn from our mistakes along the way.”

Your comments are welcome and I look forward to hearing from you.

Reference Note

1. Dinah Adkins, “Incubating a Culture of Contribution,” Associations Now Volunteer Leadership Issue (January 2007): 4.

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