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mary beth weber, newsletter editor

From the Editor

Mary Beth Weber, Editor

Post Annual Follow Up

The ALA Annual Conference is a time for our members to come together to share, learn, and network. The post-Annual coordination of reports is both hectic and exciting for me. I get an opportunity to read committee, interest and discussion group reports, as well as program reports. This issue of ANO also includes key actions from the ALCTS Board of Directors meetings, the president’s annual report, and section annual reports. Reports from the ALCTS National Conference that preceded Annual are also included in this issue of ANO.

I would like to draw your attention to some of the other highlights in this issue:

  • Pamela Bluh’s first column as ALCTS President
  • Genevieve Owens’ “My ALCTS Experience” column
  • Conference reports from the winners of the SAGE Support Staff Travel Grant
  • A report on the ALCTS Awards Ceremony, including photographs
  • A conference report from Rowena Griem on “MARC 21: Experiences, Challenges and Visions”
  • The Foreign Book Dealers Directory returns to the Web!

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