diane dates casey

My ALCTS Experience

Diane Dates Casey, Governors State University

In 1993, I became the head of the Cataloging Department at Governors State University (GSU) and started my ALCTS adventure. At my first conference I followed the advice of colleagues and attended ALCTS Cataloging and Classification Section (CCS) committee meetings and discussion groups introducing myself to the chair. During the conference I learned about volunteering as an intern on CCS committees and filled out the form. To my surprise I was appointed in 1994 to serve as intern to the Subject Analysis Committee (SAC).

From SAC intern, I moved to SAC member and then chaired SAC for three years in addition to chairing several SAC subcommittees. I was honored to serve with many experienced, expert catalogers. Imagine the thrill of working alongside cataloging heroines like Arlene Taylor and Lois Mai Chan. A major highlight of my time in SAC was the development of Faceted Application of Subject Headings (FAST) from the conclusions of the SAC Metadata and Subject Analysis Subcommittee which I chaired. My work with SAC and later with CCS Planning and Policy Committee helped me mature in my ability to work effectively with peers -- a skill I use daily as a library dean. Like many academic librarians, my ALCTS colleagues’ support was essential in providing me with wonderful letters of recommendation which lead to the award of tenure in 1999.

In 2005 I ran successfully for ALCTS Councilor. I have learned the challenges and opportunities offered by ALA Council. Serving as ALCTS Councilor has expanded my understanding of how ALCTS operates and my appreciation for the dedicated work of ALCTS staff, officers and members. My latest adventure is participating as an ALA representative on the LC Working Group on the Future of Bibliographic Control. What an opportunity and responsibility! Thank you, ALCTS, for yet another occasion to serve my profession, my colleagues, and my friends!