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ALCTS National Conference

Olivia Madison, Chair, ALCTS 50th Anniversary Committee

The ALCTS 50th Anniversary Conference and Dinner are now just three months away. This special celebration of our first fifty years is a unique event and one in which I think we all will want to participate.

The conference theme, "Interactive Futures: A National Conference on the Transformation of Library Collections & Technical Services," really summarizes what challenges will be facing in the not-too-distant future.

The conference committee has assembled a wonderful group of speakers including Richard Lanham, David Lankes, Susan Nutter, and Stephen Abram. The closing panel, moderated by Carol Pitts Diedrichs, represents the broad spectrum of ALCTS interests with Nancy Gwinn, Peggy Johnson, Karen Calhoun, and Brian Schottlaender. What better group to usher ALCTS into our next 50 years?

I urge you to register today and join us for the fun and festivities and a great learning experience. The conference takes place on Wednesday and Thursday, June 20 and 21, and the Gala 50th Anniversary Dinner is on June 21, 2007 in Washington, D.C. Conference information is on the ALCTS Anniversary web site. The conference is $250 and includes breakfast, lunch and a reception. The dinner is $75.

We could not have asked for a better location for these events. The Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center is on Pennsylvania Avenue close to the White House and hotels. The dinner will take us on a spectacular cruise up the Potomac River to Georgetown, providing a view of all of Washington’s sights on the way. Do not forget that through March 30, a room at the Hotel Washington is available for the ALA Conference rate of $175. To take advantage of the ALA Conference rate, call the hotel directly at 1-800-424-9540 (9 am–8 pm weekdays and 9 am–4 pm weekends) and indicate that you are with the Association for Library Collections & Technical Services room block. But hurry; this special rate is good only until March 30.

We are fortunate that many of our corporate friends have provided ALCTS with very generous donations to support the conference and the dinner: OCLC, Innovative Interfaces, EBSCO, Elsevier,, Swets, Preservation Technologies, and individual contributions through the ALCTS $50 for 50 Years Campaign.

I am looking forward to these grand events and greeting all of you. Please show your support for ALCTS and thank our sponsors by registering for the conference and dinner.

Join us in Washington for our Gala Golden Anniversary Celebration!

ALCTS Preconferences and Programs in Washington, D.C.

Thursday, June 21–Friday, June 22, 2007

Fundamentals of Library of Congress Classification: An ALCTS/PCC Workshop

(8:30 am–5 pm)

This two-day preconference presents authoritative training in the principles and practices of Library of Congress Classification (LCC). Includes background on the development and structure of LCC, on the components of call numbers, and guidance in the use of essential tools. Emphasis is on application of LCC in areas most often used by generalists, including schedules H, N, and P. The workshop concludes with a session on local classification decisions and on proposing class numbers through Subject Authority Cooperative Program (SACO).

Speakers: Steven Arakawa, Yale University; Lois Chan, University of Kentucky, School of Library & Information Science; Paul Frank, Cooperative Cataloging Team, Library of Congress; Lori Robare, University of Oregon.

Comprehensive Series Training: An ALCTS/PCC Workshop

(8:30 am–5 pm)

This two-day preconference will present authoritative, standardized training in the decisions associated with series. The training will cover all aspects of series use both in the bibliographic record and in authority records. Lecture, discussion and hands on exercises will cover the need for control of series headings, treatment options, how to read the authority record, how to record series in bibliographic records, basic authority control workflow, and creating and maintaining series authority records.

Speakers: Rachel Wadham, Brigham Young University; Valerie Bross, UCLA; Judy Kuhagen, Library of Congress; Iris Wolley, Cornell University; Mark Scharff, Washington University in St. Louis ; Steven Miller, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Friday, June 22, 2007

ALCTS Technical Services Management: Generational and Workflow Issues

Morning Session (8:30 am–Noon)

Managing the Multigenerational Workplace: Practical Techniques

Lead your library with a people-savvy vision that nurtures collaboration and communication! Building on the well-attended “Managing Across the Generations” program at ALA Annual 2005, this half-day preconference will use presentations and small group brainstorming sessions to provide attendees with tips and techniques they can use to enhance intergenerational relationships in the library workplace. You will have an opportunity to discuss real-life scenarios and solutions applicable to your workplace. The future of libraries depends on "people" knowledge.

Speaker: Pixey Anne Mosley, Director of Access Services, Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas.

Afternoon Session (1:30–5 pm)

Workflow Analysis, Redesign, and Implementation: Integrating the Complexities of Electronic Resources in the Digital Age

The proliferation of electronic content no longer allows for simple workflows. Functional workflows now cross the organization and involve individuals with a variety of skills and responsibilities. Would you like to learn about a proven set of tools that create more dynamic and flexible workflows that save money and that optimize your productivity to enhance access? This half-day preconference will outline the possibilities that a systematically implemented workflow analysis and redesign can offer your institution.

Speakers: Rick Lugg, R2 Consulting; Ruth Fischer, R2 Consulting; Catherine Tierney, AUL for Technical Services, Stanford University; Kim Armstrong, Director of Collections Services, University of Illinois at Springfield; Celeste Feather, Serials/Electronic Resources Librarian, Ohio State University.

Friday, June 22, 2007 (8:30 am–5 pm)

What They Don't Teach in Library School: Competencies, Education, and Employer Expectations for a Career in Cataloging

This preconference focuses on the current state of recruitment and education in cataloging, its suitability for the library environment, and the disconnect between what you learn in library school and the reality of working in the field. Panel members will share their professional viewpoints and personal experiences related to the changing technical skills, education requirements, cataloging and bibliographic access competencies and employers’ expectations for catalog librarians in the twenty-first century.

Speakers include: Karen Calhoun, Associate University Librarian for Technical Services, Cornell University; J. Randolph Call, Associate Director for Technical Services, Detroit Public Library; Beacher Wiggins, Director for Acquisitions & Bibliographic Access, Library of Congress; Janet Swan Hill, Associate Director for Technical Services, University of Colorado – Boulder; Brian Schottlaender, University Librarian, University of California at San Diego; Matthew Beacom, Metadata Librarian, Yale University.

Sunday, June 24, 2007 (10:30 am–Noon)

Collecting for Institutional Repositories: All the News That's Fit to Keep

So you have an institutional repository (IR)? Chances are your administration is excited; the publicity, marketing and development opportunities are apparent. But what should be deposited in an IR? Who should be soliciting and submitting items? How will you address issues of copyright? At this panel presentation discussion, you will hear from colleagues who have successfully tackled these issues as they develop and evolve their collection policies and procedures for IR management.

Speakers: Joseph J. Branin, Director, The Ohio State University Libraries, (Moderator); Susan Gibbons, Associate Dean for Public Services & Collection Development, River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester; Jim Ottaviani, Coordinator, Deep Blue, University of Michigan Library; George Porter, Engineering Librarian, California Institute of Technology.

ALCTS Events Schedules: By Group / By Day

Discussion and Interest Group Events

Authority Control Interest Group

Please join the LITA/ALCTS CCS Authority Control Interest Group (ACIG) for its program at ALA Annual "Authority Control Meets Faceted Browse” on Sunday, June 24, 1:30–3:30 pm at the Renaissance Washington, Grand Ballroom North.

The program will explore the following topics: What is faceting? Why is it re-emerging in use? Where can I see it in action? This program is intended to introduce the audience to facet theory, showcase implementations that use faceted approaches for online catalogs, and facilitate discussion on the relationship between structured authority data and this type of navigation.

Speakers: Kathryn La Barre (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign); Charley Pennell (North Carolina State University); Mary Charles Lasater (Vanderbilt University); and Casey Bisson (Plymouth State University).

ACIG will conduct its regular business meeting following the program. The business meeting is open, and those interested in becoming involved in the interest group are encouraged to attend.

Your ALCTS Experience: An Open House

ALCTS will hold a special open house where everyone can take a fresh look at their own ALCTS experience regardless of your perspective. First-time conference attendees and other guests are invited to learn about the work ALCTS does and the many professional development opportunities ALCTS offers. New members who are not yet active within the division are also encouraged to attend to meet active members and learn about areas where they may contribute. Lastly, this is a great opportunity for long-time, active members to interact with new faces and get new ideas.

This new event will be held Friday, June 22, 7-9 pm in the Washington Convention Center, room 151A. Dessert and beverages will be served.

ALCTS President’s Program "Ambient Findability: Librarians, Libraries and the Internet of Things

On the Internet, the user experience is out-of-control, and findability is the real story. Access changes everything. Users select sources, find who and what they need, when and where they want. Peter Morville explores the future present in mobile devices, search algorithms, digital libraries, and findable objects. He challenges us to think differently about information use in a digitized and networked environment. Reflect on libraries and librarians in an age of search—and findability.

Speakers: Peter Morville, President of Semantic Studios, Author of Ambient Findability, Adjunct Faculty at University of Michigan. Elsevier sponsors the President’s Program. See his blog at

ALCTS New Leaders Orientation

New committee appointees, newly appointed committee, discussion and interest group chairs: the ALCTS New Leaders Orientation is the place to meet ALCTS executive staff and current ALCTS leaders to learn about your responsibilities and opportunities as you take on your roles.

Following brief presentations from the division committee chairs, editors of the ALCTS Newsletter Online ( ANO) and Library Resources and Technical Services ( LRTS), ALCTS President Bruce Johnson, ALCTS President-Elect Pamela Bluh, and ALCTS Executive Director Charles Wilt, there will be an opportunity to meet informally with the presenters. The session will take place from 8–10 am on Sunday, June 24 in the Embassy Suites D.C. Convention Center, Capital A/B. Contact Katharine Farrell for more information.

International Relations Committee

Interested in learning more about international issues related to library collections, technical services and standards and ALCTS representation on IFLA Section Standing Committees? Join the ALCTS International Relations Committee (IRC) at on Saturday, June 24, 10:30 am–12:30 pm during the ALA Annual Conference. We will hear about plans for the August 2007 IFLA Conference in Durban, South Africa from current ALCTS representatives to IFLA Sections, and discuss what the IRC can do to facilitate their activities.

IRC's new charge (, was handed down in 2004 and confers greater responsibility. The committee can now coordinate international relations within the division, reach out with counterpart groups of librarians abroad, and encourage ALCTS participation (collective and individual) in international conferences and other related activities. Contact Wanda Dole for more information.

Calls for Participation

Reporters Needed to Cover ALCTS Events

Volunteers are needed to write summary reports on ALCTS preconferences and programs in Washington, D.C. which will be published in the August issue of the ALCTS Newsletter Online. Both seasoned reporters and novices are welcome. Your contributions will enable all members to benefit from reading about the events our division is sponsoring at the Annual Conference.

If you would like to be a reporter in Washington, D.C., this is what you need to do:

  • Select an event from the list of ALCTS Programs and Preconferences in this issue.
  • Contact the editor, Mary Beth Weber, and indicate the event you would like to cover. You will receive a reply to let you know if a report is needed for that event. One friendly suggestion: Include alternate choices in case the one in which you are most interested happens to be taken.
  • Attend the program or preconference and take good notes!
  • Write a brief report (300 words for programs, 500 for preconferences) including names of speakers, topics covered, and whatever other information you deem important, such as: major points of emphasis, conclusions reached, or audience response.

Submit the report to Mary Beth Weber ( no later than July 31, 2007.

Help ALCTS Celebrate 50 Years—Volunteers Needed for Annual Events!

This is a special year for ALCTS that will offer many new and unique opportunities. The volunteer form will be available May 4 and four types of volunteers will be sought:

  1. ALCTS booth staff: Members will meet with visitors and guests and talk knowledgeably about ALCTS membership and activities (two people for each one-hour shift). In addition to serving as a gathering point for promoting ALCTS membership and activities, the ALCTS booth (#4147, located in the Technology Pavilion of the exhibit hall--in the back corner of the hall, very near the Internet room) will also serve as the site for many ALCTS 50th Anniversary events. Plans are underway to feature author book signings, ALCTS award recipients, and interest and discussion groups, among other themes. New and long-time members of ALCTS are encouraged to volunteer. Duties include greeting existing and potential ALCTS members, answering questions about ALCTS, and enjoying the festivities.
  2. ALA Pavilion staff: ALCTS ambassadors will represent ALCTS at the new ALA Pavilion (ALA’s area on the exhibit floor) by meeting with visitors and talking knowledgeably about ALCTS activities. (one person is needed for each one-hour shift)
  3. Your ALCTS Experience—An Open House: ALCTS ambassadors and member experts who enjoy talking about their ALCTS experience and wish to make new connections will be on the look out for attendees who are looking for specific information. (Friday, 7 to 9 pm)
  4. ALCTS concierges: Friendly, helpful ALCTS members who facilitate gatherings like the member reception, awards ceremony, and forums (as needed). Distributing programs or flyers is often included. Most often, an ALCTS concierge is a member who has planned to attend an event and wants to help while there.

The volunteer form will be available May 4. After submitting the form, a volunteer organizer will contact you with details. Organizers include:

  • ALCTS booth staff: Charles McElroy, Anne Campbell Moore, Natalie Sommerville
  • ALA Pavilion: Christine Taylor
  • Open House: Becky Ryder
  • Concierges: Cynthia Clark