Now Available

ALCTS and the Future of Cataloging Report

The report ALCTS and the Future of Bibliographic Control: Challenges, Actions, and Values ( and overview documents are now available on the ALCTS web site. The report was authored by Cataloging and Classification Executive Board, which was charged with developing a series of recommendations or discussion points for next steps that ALCTS should take to enhance its leadership position with respect to the changing nature of bibliographic control (cataloging and classification). Also available is an overview of the report prepared by 2006/2007 Directors-at-Large Karen D. Darling, M. Dina Giambi, and Katharine L. Walter with input from ALCTS President Bruce Chr. Johnson.

Task Force on Non-English Access Report

The final report of the ALCTS Task Force on Non-English Access ( is now available. The ALCTS Task Force on Non-English Access was formed in October 2005 and was charged to examine ALA’s past, present, and potential future roles in enabling access to library resources in all languages and scripts and in addressing the needs of users of materials in all languages and scripts through the development of library standards and practices. The Task Force was chaired by Beth Picknally Camden.

PCC MARC Record Guide for Monograph Aggregators

The final version of the MARC Record Guide for Monograph Aggregator Vendors ( is now available. The guide was prepared for the Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC) by Kate Harcourt, Becky Culbertson, and Kit Herlihy. On July 28, 2004, the Policy Committee of the PCC agreed that a task group should be established to develop a reference guide to data elements for machine created monographic records. Questions regarding the guide may be addressed to Carolyn Sturtevant (, BIBCO Coordinator, Library of Congress.

Revised Draft Documentation for the CONSER Standard Record

The revised draft documentation for the CONSER standard record ( is now available. Implementation of the CONSER standard record is expected to begin some time after the CONSER Operations Meetings May 3–4, 2007. This will give CONSER members time to consider input from the Joint Steering Committee for Revision of AACR (JSC), to make any changes to documentation, and to provide local training.

The goal is to provide a record that consistently ensures identification of and access to a serial title. The Working Group defined a set of required elements for every CONSER standard record. All other elements are optional and can be added as needed.

Comments on the draft versions of the CONSER documentation may be provided to Les Hawkins (, Diane Boehr (, and Regina Reynolds ( by May 5, 2007.

CRL and RLG Programs’ Trustworthy Repositories Audit & Certification: Criteria and Checklist

The Center for Research Libraries (CRL) and RLG Programs have produced " Trustworthy Repositories Audit & Certification: Criteria and Checklist" (TRAC,, a report that establishes a definition of a trustworthy digital repository and outlines the components to be considered and evaluated. RLG and the United States National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) created a joint task force to address digital repository certification in 2003. The task force’s goal was to develop criteria to identify digital repositories that can reliably store, migrate, and provide access to digital collections.

Sudden Selector’s Guide to Business Resources sudden selector's guide to business resources, cover

The Sudden Selector's Guide to Business Resources is now available in print and online through the ALA Store ( The book is intended to help the sudden selector through the first few months of a new position. It is a guide to becoming a competent selector of business resources and what this involves, such as joining associations, finding mentors, monitoring electronic discussion lists, and learning how to select materials for a collection.

Functional Requirements for Authority Data Available for Worldwide Review

The IFLA Working Group on Functional Requirements and Numbering of Authority Records has announced the second draft of Functional Requirements for Authority Data ( Previously titled "Functional Requirements for Authority Records," this new draft is now available for worldwide review. The deadline for submitting comments is July 15, 2007. Direct comments and questions to Glenn Patton (