Letters from ALCTS

mary beth weber, ano editor

From the Editor

Mary Beth Weber, Editor


It seems as if I just finished the February issue of ANO that contains the post-Midwinter Meeting reports, and now it is time to prepare for the Annual Conference in Washington, D.C.

This issue of ANO contains a variety of topics related to the Annual Conference, including information on programs and preconferences, and discussion and interest group meeting topics. There are also calls for volunteers to report on events at Annual and to help staff the ALCTS Booth. Both are great ways to become involved with ALCTS, and I urge you to participate. The New Leaders Orientation will take place at Annual. This is an excellent way for new leaders in the Division to learn about how ALCTS operates, and to speak with division leaders, ALCTS President Bruce Johnson, ALCTS President-Elect Pamela Bluh, ALCTS Executive Director Charles Wilt, and the editors of ANO and LRTS. There will also be a special “Your ALCTS Experience” Open House on June 22, and all are welcome—everyone from new and prospective members to experienced long-time members.

Here are some other highlights in this issue:

  • Read Jennifer Younger’s “My ALCTS Experience” column in which she discusses the rewards of participation and involvement.
  • Marjorie Bloss discusses her role as RDA Manager and new developments with RDA.
  • ALCTS Executive Director Charles Wilt’s special April 1 message, which has become a tradition.
  • Announcement of the 2007 ALCTS Award winners. Congratulations to all the winners!
  • The “Now Available” Section of News and Features contains information on professional resources that will benefit ALCTS members.

I would like to draw your attention to two new features that are now available in ANO. One is the “All in One” option that enables readers to view or print an issue in its entirety. I have gotten many requests about making this option available, and I thank Managing Editor Christine Taylor for making this possible. The other new feature is in the “Looking Ahead” calendar of events. I have added a note indicating that conference reports are welcome. If you attend a conference, and would like to write a report for ANO, please contact me (mbfecko@rci.rutgers.edu). Lastly, future changes to ANO include a calendar of submission deadlines for reports and guidelines for authors (not to be confused with guidelines for submitting conference reports required of committee, interest, and discussion group chairs). Both of these changes will debut in the June issue.