Letters from ALCTS

From the Editor

This issue contains the "Annual Preview": meeting schedules, programs and preconferences; discussion and interest group meeting topics; call for volunteer reporters for Annual events; call for ALCTS booth staffers; New Leaders Orientation: learn how ALCTS works, speak with division leaders; “Your ALCTS Experience” Open House, Fri, June 22: something for everyone from new and prospective members to experienced long-time members. | MORE

From the President

It is very easy to suggest that ALCTS should be doing something to solve a problem, but without your active involvement in the solution, all we will have to brag about is how great the last fifty years have been. | MORE

From the Office

You, as members and leaders and I, need to pay attention to how ALCTS and its benefits are designed to be a constantly improving and engaging organization. So much so that there should be absolutely no doubt why potential members would want to join and why current members would want to continue. | MORE