Special April 1 Message from the ALCTS Office

In what has become a tradition, the following message was issued to the ALCTS Leaders discussion list by ALCTS Executive Director Charles Wilt on April 1, 2007. It is reproduced here so all members can enjoy it! —Ed.

The escalation in the ALCTS President's salary recently came under attack by a group of concerned members. Current President Bruce Johnson dismissed the allegations while defending the increases citing significantly more responsibilities.

At the Midwinter Meeting, the ALA Council passed a resolution banning transfats at all ALA functions at both Midwinter and Annual. An amendment that would have prevented ALA from meeting in cities that had not banned transfats was voted down. A similar resolution outlawing caffeine was soundly defeated last Annual. According to a Council spokesperson, "If ALA members could afford foie gras, we would have banned that, too.”

In a surprise move, LC has outsourced all its cataloging functions to a consortium led by Google and financed by Asian and EU investment firms. Calls to LC went unanswered.

David Letterman revealed his top ten list for National Library Week's "Come Together at Your Library" theme. Unfortunately, none of the list can be printed in this message.

Former next President, Al Gore, father of the Internet and Academy Award winner for "An Inconvenient Truth" has championed a new cause: "Inconvenient Access." A national tour is expected beginning in fall 2007. Book and film rights are under negotiation. Said Mr. Gore, "There is a crisis in scholarly publishing."

The LC Working Group on the Future of Birth Control has been established. Diana Markup of the LC Birth Control Directorate emphasized the importance of this group in continuing the broad based input into this important issue. The first meeting was held at Ortho headquarters in New Jersey. The next meeting will take place at the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University. The meetings are sponsored by the makers of Yaz.

Illinois Senator Barack Obama announced that due to his overwhelming welcome at the ALA Annual Conference in Chicago in 2005, he has decided to become a member of ALA and show his support for ALA's work in advocacy and intellectual freedom. Following Obama’s announcement, a group of supporters established an exploratory committee to look at a potential Obama candidacy for ALA President in 2008. A decision will be forthcoming.

ALA has thrown its support behind Chicago's bid for the 2016 Olympics. ALA has committed to moving the 2016 Annual Conference to late August in Chicago. The U.S. Olympic Committee designated the "Library Book Cart Race" as a newly sanctioned Olympic event in honor of ALA's support.

The Academic Library Fantasy League's season is about to begin and team selection is in its final stages. Top selections so far are:

  • Director: Bill Robnett, Olivia Madison, and Bonnie MacEwan
  • Acquisitions: Trisha Davis, Dina Giambi, and Nancy Gibbs
  • Cataloging: Mary Charles Lasater, Mary Dabney Wilson, and Mary Larsgaard
  • Collections: Helen Reed, Linda Phillips, and Cheryl Kern-Simirenko
  • Preservation: Yvonne Carignan, Lorraine Olley, and Andy Hart
  • Serials: Lauren Corbett, Emily McElroy, and Jill Emery.

Of course, the rankings can change anytime so you need to get your teams set as soon as possible.

The Public League season begins June 11.

The ARL draft of new MLS graduates is underway. According to draft analyst, Kerry Bradshaw, several libraries added significant depth to their rosters. Bradshaw noted the selection of science librarians by Alabama, Florida, and Tennessee, making the SEC much tougher this next year. The Big 12 including Nebraska, Kansas, and Oklahoma State, did well picking up collection development specialists with solid credentials.

In the most recent action in the draft, Yale traded its top two picks to the University of California at San Diego for an AUL to be named later. UCSD then selected Hidecki Yashimoto, a Japanese language specialist from UCLA, and Tracey Uhlman, a metadata specialist from Drexel. With the next pick, Duke selected digital preservation phenom, Eleanor Atkins of UNC-Chapel Hill, then dealt Atkins to Rice for an archivist, music cataloger, and engineering librarian, filling much-needed spots in their lineup. Later in that round, the University of Minnesota selected Lutheran theologian and cataloger, Jennifer Pope from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, with a pick acquired from Iowa State. Minnesota sent ISU agriculture specialist Lee Johnson. The most important move so far involved the University of Texas-Austin who acquired highly sought after former Penn State AUL and current UNC-Greensboro Library Director, Rosann Bazirjian, and two future picks for a Head of Reference, an AUL for Administration and future considerations. To make room for Bazirjian, UT-Austin optioned an acquisitions librarian to UT-Tyler and Head of ILL to UT-San Antonio.

So far, day one of the draft has produced some real excitement.

In celebration of National Library Week, the cereal industry has created several new cereals: ALCTS Chex, Serios, Special P (for the literati), FRBR Loops, Shredded Docs, and Worm Holes.

And finally for this update. In honor of the ALCTS 50th Anniversary, renowned serialist, Susan Davis, declared herself to be 50.