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Comparison Guide to Distance Education MLS Programs

The Comparison Guide to Distance Ed Programs for Getting the MLS provides a list of ALA accredited Master’s programs. The Central [New] Jersey Regional Library Cooperative compiled the list, and makes it available as part of its “Become a librarian!” web site.

Web Curator Tool

The National Library of New Zealand and the British Library are pleased to announce the release of the Web Curator Tool as an open-source project. The tool and other information are available at

The Web Curator Tool is a tool for managing the selective Web harvesting process. It is designed for non-technical users in libraries and other collecting institutions who need to capture Web material for archival purposes.

  • The tool's workflow enables following functions:
  • Harvest Authorization- Provides the ability to seek and record permission to harvest Web material, and to make it accessible to the general public.
  • Selection and scoping- Enables users to determine what material should be harvested regardless of whether it is a website, a web page, a partial website, a group (or collection) of websites, or any combination of these.
  • Scheduling- Permits users to determine when a harvest should occur, and when it should be repeated.
  • Description- Describes harvests with basic Dublin Core metadata, and other specialized fields (or a by a providing a reference to an external catalogue).
  • Harvesting- The Tool will download the selected web material at the appointed time using the Internet Archive's Heritrix web crawler, and each installation can have multiple harvesters on different machines, each which can perform several harvests simultaneously.
  • Quality Review- Tools are provided ensure that the harvest worked as expected, and to correct simple harvest errors.
  • Endorsing and submitting- If a harvest is successful, it is endorsed and then submitted to an external digital archive.