IR SPEC Kit from ARL

ARL Institutional Repositories SPEC Kit

An Institutional Repositories SPEC Kit is now available from the Association of Research Libraries (ARL). This document presents the results of a 38 question survey of 87 responding ARL members in early 2006 about their institutional repositories practices and plans. The survey response rate was 71 percent (87 out of 123 ARL members).

The front matter and nine-page executive summary are freely available. The complete document, which is available for sale, presents detailed question-by-question results, a list of respondent institutions, representative documents from institutions, and a bibliography.

The members of the University of Houston Libraries Institutional Repository Task Force who authored the document are Charles W. Bailey, Jr.; Karen Coombs; Jill Emery (now at University of Texas- Austin); Anne Mitchell; Chris Morris; Spencer Simons; and Robert Wright. Order the kit via the ARL web site.