Evolving Communications Technologies: blogs and wikis and more, oh my!!

At this past Annual Conference, the ALCTS Board of Directors heard a report from John Duke who chaired the Task Force on Evolving Communications Technologies. The task force looked at new-ish and new technologies (like blogs, wikis, etc.) to see which might be adaptable by ALCTS, more easily, sooner, and so on.

The report from the Evolving Communications Technologies Task Force is provided to you as part of this ANO issue.

However, to move forward on two of the technologies, blogs and wikis, we (meaning the Office) need your help and advice and comments.

Blogs are omnipresent. ALCTS currently does not provide them. The logical next step (?) would be for ALCTS to provide blogs. ALA supports blogs. But for what purpose and on what topics? Considering the need for blogs brought us to the idea of providing blogs for the DGs and IGs. Seems a natural. Would extend the discussion for the groups past Midwinter and Annual. Have to have a blog manager. Have some criteria for the blog use, based on best blogging practice. Another volunteer opportunity for someone. Other ideas are a 50th Anniversary blog and hot topic blogs.

Let us know what you think. What are your ideas? Are you interested in being a blog manager? Are those of you who are involved in DGs and IGs interested and willing?

Wikis are here too. Answer this: if ALCTS had a wiki(s), what would it do? What would it cover? What would it look like—lots of little wikis or one bit wiki with parts? Anyone willing to be a wiki coordinator/manager? How about wiki content managers?

Interested ALCTS members should contact Christine Taylor, ctaylor@ala.org, any time with comments, ideas, and short proposals.