From the Editor

mary beth weber, editor

Letters from ALCTS

From the Editor

Mary Beth Weber, Editor

RDA, SUSHI, and More

For most people, the terms "RDA" and "sushi" refer to food in some way. For ALCTS members, those terms represent standards that enable them to work more effectively. This issue of ANO contains postconference coverage from the ALA Annual Conference that was held in New Orleans in June, which includes preconference and program reports, committee reports, interest and discussion group reports, and also section chair annual reports. It also includes Board key actions from the ALCTS Board meetings that took place during Annual. I hope you will benefit from this information.

Other highlights in this issue include:

  • ALCTS President Bruce Johnson's first column. It is always exciting when a new president's term begins, and I look forward to working with Bruce.
  • An update on RDA by the ALA representative to the Joint Steering Committee, Jennifer Bowen.
  • Conference reports by the winners of the Sage Support Staff Travel Grant.
  • The new ALCTS Strategic Plan, which was endorsed by the ALCTS Board at the Annual Conference.
  • A report on the ALCTS Awards reception.

This issue of ANO does not include a "My ALCTS Experience" column. I have gotten very good feedback and compliments regarding the columns by past ALCTS Presidents. In preparation for the ALCTS 50th Anniversary celebration, there will be more columns by past presidents. Look for columns by Carlen Ruschoff, Arnold Hirshon, Robert Holley, Jennifer Younger, Ruth Carter, and Carol Chamberlain.