ALCTS Annual Report 2005-2006

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ALCTS Annual Report 2005-2006

Rosann V. Bazirjian, ALCTS President

The Association for Library Collections & Technical Services (ALCTS) is committed to shaping and responding to all matters related to the selection, identification, acquisition, organization, management, retrieval, and preservation of recorded knowledge. ALCTS strives to provide this leadership to its members through education, publication, and collaboration. This year, the division focused its efforts and accomplishments in the following areas: education, collaboration through active involvement in policy formulation, publication, and organization.


Continuing education has been a cornerstone of the services that ALCTS provides to its members. Because of its importance to ALCTS, the Education Committee (Karen Letarte, Chair) sponsored an Education Action Summit during the Midwinter meeting. Members from various division and section committees, the Council of Regional Groups, and other ALCTS leaders were invited to participate in a half-day summit designed to move the ALCTS continuing education program into a higher gear. Maureen Sullivan served as the facilitator for a thought-provoking afternoon during which attendees talked about educational needs and required resources to move continuing education further into the forefront within ALCTS. We look forward to implementing some of the conclusions that were reached during the meeting.

Building on our successful pre-conferences, institutes, conference programs, and Web-based instruction, a number of new workshops were developed and delivered in 2005 and 2006. Among them are:

  • Basic Collection Development and Management
  • Principles of Controlled Vocabulary and Thesaurus Design, an ALCTS and Library of Congress Workshop
  • Metadata Standards and Applications, an ALCTS and Library of Congress Workshop
  • Metadata and Digital Library Development, an ALCTS and Library of Congress Workshop
  • Digital Project Management for the 21st Century, an ALCTS and Library of Congress Workshop

Continuing Workshops include:

  • Basic Subject Cataloging Using LCSH, an ALCTS/PCC Workshop
  • Rules and Tools for Cataloging Internet Resources, an ALCTS and Library of Congress Workshop
  • Web Course: Fundamentals of Acquisitions

Collaboration and Policy Formation

Collaboration and policy formation are both important areas for ALCTS. Focusing on policy issues that affect our members is an important service that ALCTS provides. This year we passed two resolutions that address policy. The Board passed the “Resolution on the Distribution of Government Information by the Government Printing Office,” which encouraged the Government Printing Office to work in close collaboration with the library and information communities to develop efficient and effective mechanisms for the dissemination and preservation of government information in digital form. We also joined the Association of Research Libraries and the Association of College and Research Libraries in endorsing the statement “Urgent Action Needed to Preserve Scholarly Electronic Resources,” thereby acknowledging the importance of the preservation of electronic journal collections. ALCTS continues to look for opportunities to shape policy as it meets the needs of our members.

We extended a collaborative partnership with the Association of Research Libraries in the area of digital preservation. This will culminate in an ALCTS Forum on Digital Preservation at the 2006 Annual Conference in New Orleans. In the spirit of collaboration, the ALCTS Board approved a new award, the ALCTS Outstanding Collaboration Citation, to encourage improvements and benefits in providing and managing library collaboration between libraries and individuals, vendors, and organizations that work with libraries. It should also be noted that title of the Bowker/Ulrich’s Award has been changed to the CSA/Ulrich’s Award.


Under the dynamic leadership of Publications Committee Chair Narda Tafuri, ALCTS has continued to produce a record number of new publications this year. The titles are:

New Titles (late 2005-2006)

  • Managing Electronic Resources: Contemporary Problems and Emerging Issues
  • Preservation Manager’s Guide to Cost Analysis
  • From Catalog to Gateway: Charting a Course for Future Access
  • Knowledge without Boundaries: Organizing Information for the Future
  • Community Collaboration and Collections: The Writings of Ross Atkinson
  • Cataloging Correctly for Kids, 4th edition


  • Copy Cataloging Done Smarter: Using Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC) Records in Non-PCC Libraries
  • LBI Guide to Library Binding
  • SALSA de Tópicos/Subjects in SALSA: Spanish and Latin American Subject Access

Web publications:

  • USPPI 2005
  • Serials Glossary, 3rd revised edition
  • ALCTS@aGlance--email updates
  • Foreign Book Dealers Directory Database
  • CRG Speaker’s Directory
  • Training Catalogers: a Checklist for Managers and Trainers

In addition, a new ALCTS Newsletter Online (ANO) Editor and Assistant Editor were appointed. Mary Beth Weber is the new editor, and Nanette Donahue is the assistant editor. We are so pleased to have them!


In addition to the superb work of the Planning Committee (Helen Reed, Chair) on a new ALCTS Strategic Plan, a record number of Task Forces have been created this year to address new issues as they emerge. To further the work of the Web Re-Design Task Force (Stephanie Schmitt, Chair), we created the Evolving Communications Technologies Task Force (John Duke, Chair) with an eye to employing evolving technology to enhance and facilitate communication. The Task Force on Non-English Access (Beth Picknally Camden, chair) was appointed to examine our role in enabling access to library resources in all languages and scripts and in addressing the needs of users of materials in all languages and scripts through the development of library standards and practices. We have also appointed the ALCTS 50th Anniversary Task Force and the Digital Preservation Task Force. Organizationally, we reviewed the membership of the Committee on Cataloging: Description and Access and created new constituency representation. These new membership groups represent areas, such as the book industry profession and metadata that have emerged in recent years.

Due to the enormous response and the success of the Sage Support Staff Travel Grants and increased support from Sage, we have increased the number of recipients from three to six.

Overall, the Association for Library Collections & Technical Services has had a very busy year. We look forward to the 50th anniversary celebration and are planning activities for the 2007 Midwinter Meeting, with our big bash at the 2007 Annual Conference in Washington, D.C. We have moved forward in so many ways—it is an exciting time for ALCTS.