From the Editor

mary beth weber, editor

Letters from ALCTS

From the Editor

Mary Beth Weber, Editor

Full Circle

This column is titled “Full Circle” since this time of year is one of change for our Division. Terms of office are concluding for some members, and will soon begin for others. We thank and appreciate the contributions of those members who have served the Division, and look forward to the promise of new beginnings and ventures.

The Annual Conference in New Orleans will take place later this month, and this issue provides information on interest and discussion group topics, programs and preconferences, and other events that will take place at that meeting. The range of available topics is suited to a variety of needs, including supervision, Electronic Resources Management Systems, metadata, and preservation.

Additionally, ALCTS has organized a new forum to discuss the Library of Congress’ decision to no longer create series authority records that will take place on Friday, June 23 (see “Meeting Events for Annual 2006 in New Orleans”). Other important events and dates of interest are the ALCTS Awards Ceremony and Membership Reception both on Sunday, June 25, the ALCTS New Leaders Orientation also on Sunday, June 25, and the President’s Program on Information Overload on Monday, June 26. Volunteers are still needed for the ALCTS Member Booth—lend your expertise and smile! Lastly, I would like to thank everyone who volunteered to serve as a reporter for the programs and preconferences. I look forward to reading the reports and sharing them with you in the August issue.

In addition to Annual Meeting information, this issue contains ALCTS President Rosann Bazirjian’s annual report, Janet Swan Hill’s ALCTS experience, a report by Claire Stewart on “Digital Content and Issues for Libraries,” and information on opportunities and news events in the profession. This information is available in the “News and Features” section.

One final note: I extend congratulations to my assistant editor, Nanette Donohue, who was elected as chair of the ALA New Members Round Table. Congratulations!