Letters from ALCTS

Letters from ALCTS

From the Editor

This issue provides information on interest and discussion group topics, programs and preconferences, and other events that will take place at that meeting. The range of available topics is suited to a variety of needs, including supervision, Electronic Resources Management Systems, metadata, and preservation. | MORE

From the President

It has been a busy and rewarding year as ALCTS President—an experience that I would not want to have missed! This has been a truly productive year. We really moved forward in four distinct areas. | MORE

From the Office

Volunteering and then getting appointed to a committee is a time-honored way to serve ALCTS. . . many committee positions go to more experienced members, but in many cases there are reasons. In some cases, there is no reason. In some more cases, there is not anyone who wants to be appointed to a particular committee, and the appointing officer relies on familiar colleagues to fill those slots. | MORE