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mary beth weber, editor

Letters from ALCTS

From the Editor

Mary Beth Weber, Editor

Take it Up a Notch

I usually shy away from using clichés, but thought this one was appropriate considering that the Annual Conference will be held in New Orleans. And, while Emeril Lagasse is not a New Orleans native, he did rise to fame in that city. My use of this expression is not in reference to cooking or food, but rather to participation within ALCTS and ALA. With the Annual Conference coming up in June, I am sure many of you are looking forward to attending and also helping to promote and rebuild New Orleans. This issue of ANO includes a preview of preconferences and programs at the annual conference, the ALCTS schedule of events, and calls for volunteers-reporters are needed to cover ALCTS events for inclusion in ANO, volunteers are needed to staff the ALCTS Membership booth, and ALA is soliciting volunteers to participate in humanitarian efforts to help rebuild New Orleans.

I raise the issue of volunteering since participation provides a number of benefits. Serving on a committee, interest group, or task force gives you a chance to contribute to the division and profession at large, and enables you to hear important information first hand, and often in advance. Volunteering as a reporter enables you to share information with colleagues who may be unable to attend programs or preconferences, and will benefit from reading your report. Lastly, volunteering to help rebuild New Orleans is the type of thing that will make you feel great and will make lasting contributions. I encourage you to "take it up a notch," and to participate, contribute, and be involved.

Edward Swanson's "Publications" column is in this issue, and is another way that you can contribute by reviewing new publications. Reviews are an important way to inform your colleagues about resources, and I invite you to share your informed opinion with others. Your input counts and is valued!

The "News and Features" section of this issue includes Carol Pitts Diedrichs' ALCTS Experience, a very special April 1 report from the ALCTS Office, information on the upcoming 50th anniversary celebration that will take place next year, and other news items.