The ALCTS Plan 2006–2011: An Update

Helen Reed, University of Northern Colorado

The Planning Process

ALCTS is in the final stages of developing a new strategic plan that will establish the framework for ALCTS initiatives over the next five years. The process for developing the ALCTS Plan 2006-2011 began with a retreat for ALCTS leaders at the Annual Conference in 2004. Over the last eighteen months, the ALCTS Planning Committee has written and revised drafts of the Plan, incorporating the input from that retreat as well as ideas and comments from many sources. The resulting ALCTS Strategic Plan 2006–2011 Discussion Draft was circulated broadly prior to the Midwinter Conference in 2006. Committees, interest groups, discussion groups and executive committees discussed the draft during the Midwinter Conference and submitted their comments to the Planning Committee for review and analysis. A revised draft will go to the ALCTS Executive Committee and Board late in March. Around May 1, a new version of the plan will be distributed to the entire ALCTS membership for final comments. The Strategic Plan 2006-2011 will be brought to the ALCTS Board for approval at the Annual Conference in 2006.

Member Survey

One key component in the planning process was to gather input from the entire ALCTS membership on their needs and interests as well as future directions for the division. Toward that end, a survey was conducted in fall 2005. The survey was sent to 3,361 ALCTS members, and 814 responses were received for a 24 percent response rate. More than 68 percent of the respondents have never served on an ALCTS division-level or section-level committee or discussion group, thus the survey provided an opportunity for the Committee to hear from members who are not currently part of the ALCTS leadership. In addition, more than 600 responses were received to the four free-text questions expressing professional needs, offering praise, and making suggestions for the future of ALCTS.

The Planning Committee has reviewed the survey results with an eye toward gathering information from it that should be integrated into the new Plan. Beyond planning, the survey brought to light information that can provide guidance for other groups within the division, including program planning, continuing education and publications. Further analysis will be conducted to provide information on survey responses to others across ALCTS.

Next Steps

Following Board approval of the Strategic Plan 2006-2011, the next step is for each ALCTS group to develop tactical initiatives/action items to achieve the objectives. These objectives will be entered into and tracked through a newly designed Strategic and Tactical Plan database.


The ALCTS Planning Committee thanks the many members who have contributed to the planning process through discussions at the retreat or meetings and/or by completing the planning survey. Broad member input has been a critical part of this process.